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  *菜* | 菜* | *菜
dish (type of food) / vegetable / cuisine / CL: 盤|盘, / (coll.) (one's) type / (of one's skills etc) weak / poor
menu / CL: , 張|张
menu (in restaurant) / recipe / cookbook
vegetable and meat dishes / dish
(slang) total noob
(regional) cuisine
food market
cauliflower / gonorrhea
vegetable knife / kitchen knife / cleaver / CL:
(dialect) restaurant
vegetable garden
food market
vegetable field
vegetable or food basket / (fig.) food supply
vegetable seeds / rapeseed
food market
vegetable farmer
beef cattle (grown for meat)
(Tw) turnip / radish
dish / lean and hungry look (resulting from vegetarian diet) / emaciated look (from malnutrition)
choy sum / Chinese flowering cabbage / stem of any Chinese cabbage
kidney bean
rapeseed oil / canola oil
greens / vegetables / vegetable side dish
snake melon / loofah
dried, pickled white radish
menu bar (of a computer application)
vegetable field / vegetable bed
chopping board
chopping board / cutting board / CL: 張|张
vegetable field / vegetable bed
(Tw) popular given name (one that will turn many heads if you shout it at a marketplace)
(Tw) popular given name (one that will turn many heads if you shout it at a marketplace) (from Taiwanese 菜市仔名, Tai-lo pr. [tshài-tshī-á-miâ], where 菜市仔 means "marketplace")
steamed bun stuffed with vegetables / (fig.) useless person / a good-for-nothing
menu bar (computing)
dish (food prepared according to a specific recipe)
greens / green vegetables
(coll.) sb new to a particular subject / rookie / beginner / newbie

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