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What is CC-CEDICT?

The word dictionary of this website is based on CC-CEDICT. CC-CEDICT is a continuation of the CEDICT project started by Paul Denisowski in 1997 with the aim to provide a complete downloadable Chinese to English dictionary with pronunciation in pinyin for the Chinese characters. This website allows you to easily add new entries or correct existing entries in CC-CEDICT. Submitted entries will be checked and processed frequently and released for download in CEDICT format on this page.

The format of CC-CEDICT is described on the CC-CEDICT Wiki.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (click the link for detailed information)
It more or less means that you are allowed to use this data for both non-commercial and commercial purposes provided that you: mention where you got the data from (attribution) and that in case you improve / add to the data you will share these changes under the same license (share alike).

Latest release: 2024-07-25 07:27:08 GMT
Number of entries: 122307
cedict_1_0_ts_utf-8_mdbg.zip - CC-CEDICT in UTF-8, with both traditional and simplified Chinese (ZIP archive format)
cedict_1_0_ts_utf-8_mdbg.txt.gz - CC-CEDICT in UTF-8, with both traditional and simplified Chinese (GZip format)

Please note: this download only contains a CC-CEDICT database file, it does not contain a dictionary program. You will need a CEDICT compatible application to open this file.


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