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  *按* | 按* | *按
to press / to push / to leave aside or shelve / to control / to restrain / to keep one's hand on / to check or refer to / according to / in the light of / (of an editor or author) to make a comment
to recharge batteries / fig. to rest and recuperate
  *趴* | 趴* | *趴
to lie on one's stomach / to lean forward, resting one's upper body (on a desktop etc) / (Taiwan) percent
that's right / sure! / rest assured! / that's good / can't go wrong
  *收* | 收* | *收
to receive / to accept / to collect / to put away / to restrain / to stop / in care of (used on address line after name)
  *克* | 克* | *克
to be able to / to subdue / to restrain / to overcome / gram / Tibetan unit of land area, about 6 ares
  *克* | 克* | *克
variant of / to subdue / to overthrow / to restrain
safely / peacefully / at a rest
other / (sth or sb) else / the rest
  *拘* | 拘* | *拘
to capture / to restrain / to constrain / to adhere rigidly to / inflexible
  *约* | 约* | *约
to make an appointment / to invite / approximately / pact / treaty / to economize / to restrict / to reduce (a fraction) / concise
fickle and impatient / restless / giddy / scatterbrained
to restrict / to limit / to confine / restriction / limit / CL: 個|个
to be in / to lie in / to consist in / to depend on / to rest with
to reinstate / to resume / to restore / to recover / to regain / to rehabilitate
  *点* | 点* | *点
point / dot / drop / speck / o'clock / point (in space or time) / to draw a dot / to check on a list / to choose / to order (food in a restaurant) / to touch briefly / to hint / to light / to ignite / to pour a liquid drop by drop / (old) one fifth of a two-hour watch / dot stroke in Chinese characters / classifier for items
  *息* | 息* | *息
breath / news / interest (on an investment or loan) / to cease / to stop / to rest / Taiwan pr. [xi2]
  *检* | 检* | *检
to check / to examine / to inspect / to exercise restraint
  *加* | 加* | *加
to add / plus / (used after an adverb such as , , etc, and before a disyllabic verb, to indicate that the action of the verb is applied to sth or sb previously mentioned) / to apply (restrictions etc) to (sb) / to give (support, consideration etc) to (sth)
the rest / the others / remaining / remainder / apart from them
  *居* | 居* | *居
to reside / to be (in a certain position) / to store up / to be at a standstill / residence / house / restaurant / classifier for bedrooms
wine shop / pub (public house) / hotel / restaurant / (Tw) hostess club
  *忍* | 忍* | *忍
to bear / to endure / to tolerate / to restrain oneself
constrained / restricted / forced to / under pressure to do sth
  *框* | 框* | *框
frame (e.g. door frame) / casing / fig. framework / template / to circle (i.e. draw a circle around sth) / to frame / to restrict / Taiwan pr. [kuang1]
  *托* | 托* | *托
prop / support (for weight) / rest (e.g. arm rest) / thanks to / to hold in one's hand / to support in one's palm / to give / to base / to commit / to set / Torr (unit of pressure)
someone / people / anyone / there is someone there / occupied (as in restroom)
to limit / to confine / to restrict sth within set boundaries
  *落* | 落* | *落
to fall or drop / (of the sun) to set / (of a tide) to go out / to lower / to decline or sink / to lag or fall behind / to fall onto / to rest with / to get or receive / to write down / whereabouts / settlement
however strong you are, there is always someone stronger (idiom) / there is always sth more to learn / never be satisfied to rest on your laurels / there is no room for complacency
maneki-neko or "lucky cat", Japanese figurine cat usually found at the entrance of shops, restaurants etc, believed to bring good fortune
  *杜* | 杜* | *杜
birchleaf pear (tree) / to stop / to prevent / to restrict
window / opening providing restricted access (e.g. customer service window) / computer operating system window / fig. medium / intermediary / showpiece / testing ground
to restore / to renovate / restoration / (computing) to fix (a bug)
  *休* | 休* | *休
to rest / to stop doing sth for a period of time / to cease / (imperative) don't
dining hall / dining room / restaurant / CL: 間|间,
to look at sth through a bamboo tube / to have a restricted view
to bring under control / to regulate / to restore to good condition / (coll.) to fix (a person) / to prepare (a meal etc)
to reopen / to restart
  *枕* | 枕* | *枕
pillow / to pillow / to rest one's head on (Taiwan pr. [zhen4] for this sense)
to restore to the original state / to reconstruct (an event) / reduction (chemistry)
resurgence / recovery / restoration
  *复* | 复* | *复
to go and return / to return / to resume / to return to a normal or original state / to repeat / again / to recover / to restore / to turn over / to reply / to answer / to reply to a letter / to retaliate / to carry out
rest / to rest
overseas Chinese / (in a restricted sense) Chinese emigrant who still retains Chinese nationality / CL: 個|个, ,
to restock (an item) / to replenish inventory
bathroom / restroom / shower room / CL: 間|间
to restrict / to limit to / to constrain / restriction / constraint
the catering industry / the hotel and restaurant business
menu (in restaurant) / recipe / cookbook
in addition / moreover / (used before a disyllabic verb to indicate that the action of the verb is applied to sth or sb previously mentioned) / to apply (restrictions etc) to (sb) / to give (support, consideration etc) to (sth)
treatment involving the use of tonics to restore the patient's health / reinforcing method (in acupuncture)
to bind / to restrict / to constrain
to stay (for a rest) / dwelling / perch (of birds)
restaurant / hotel / CL: , 個|个
to act with self-restraint / to examine oneself / to perform a self-test
another name for Mt Tai 泰山 in Shandong as principal or ancestor of the Five Sacred Mountains 五嶽|五岳 / Mt Tai as resting place for departed souls
food stall / open-air restaurant (originally Hong Kong usage, now usually written as 大排檔|大排档
  *泥* | 泥* | *泥
tear or rupture / to have a tear (e.g. in one's clothes) / without restraint (e.g. of swearing)
to restrict / condition
restaurant / CL:
to go / take out (relates to food bought at a restaurant)
work and rest
to give a new lease of life / to reconstruct / to reform / to rework / to recycle / to reproduce (copies, or offspring) / restoration / restructuring
disturbance / crisis / disputes / restlessness / CL: 場|场
private room (in a restaurant, or for karaoke etc) / parlor / booth / compartment
restitution / return of something to its original owner / remittance
to restrain / to control
  *厕* | 厕* | *厕
restroom / toilet / lavatory
things like this (idiom); and so on / and the rest / etc
restaurant / bartender / (old) wineshop / tavern
don't do it, or don't rest (idiom); either give up, or go through to the end / Since we started, we must carry it through whatever happens. / in for a penny, in for a pound
restrictions on the publication of newspapers / press restrictions
to bind / to restrict / to tie / to commit / fetters
restaurant / eatery
overweight from overwork (the supposition that white collar workers become fat as a consequence of factors associated with being under pressure at work, including irregular diet, lack of exercise and inadequate rest)
to reboot / to restart
solely engrossed in one thing / just (one thing, no need to worry about the rest) / simply / by all means / please feel free / do not hesitate (to ask for sth)
box (in a theater or concert hall) / private room (in a restaurant or karaoke)
Subway (fast food restaurant)
many superficial changes but no departure from the original stand (idiom); plus ça change, plus ça reste la mème chose
to restrict to / to limit
to be afraid of the consequences / restraining fear
  *憋* | 憋* | *憋
to choke / to stifle / to restrain / to hold back / to hold in (urine) / to hold (one's breath)
to be restless
  *羁* | 羁* | *羁
bridle / halter / to restrain / to detain / to lodge / inn
to vanish / to moderate / to exercise restraint / to curb (one's mirth, arrogance etc) / to astringe / (math.) to converge
(fig.) guarantee of financial support for the rest of one's life
to pay the restaurant bill
to rest one's chin in one's hand
to regulate / to check and restrict
to check / to contain / to hold back / to keep within limits / to constrain / to restrain
akathisia (condition of restlessness, a side-effect of neuroleptic antipsychotic drug) / unable to sit still / hyperactivity / restlessness
disturbance / uproar / CL: 陣|阵 / to become restless
to have a rest / to stay for the night / to go to bed / to sleep
to tighten up (restrictions etc)
to stop for a rest
at ease / to feel relieved / to set one's mind at rest / to keep one's mind on sth

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