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  *鬼* | 鬼* | *鬼
ghost / demon / terrible / damnable / clever / sly / crafty / (suffix for sb with a certain vice or addiction etc) / one of the 28 constellations
hobgoblin / bogey / phantom
devils / refers to 日本鬼子, wartime term insult for Japanese
supernatural beings
wry face / to grimace / to pull a face / comic face / face mask / devil mask
lie / false words / nonsense / CL:
ghost story
haunted house
demon / monster
supernaturally fine craft (idiom); the work of the Gods / uncanny workmanship / superlative craftsmanship
sinister design / ulterior motive
will-o'-the-wisp / jack-o'-lantern
the gates of hell
to hang around / to fool around / to live aimlessly
to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves (idiom)
sneaky / secretive / furtive
to be obsessed / to be possessed
(coll.) sleep paralysis
demons and gods at work (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation / curious coincidence
awful weather
nonsense / humbug / bunk / bullshit
to tell one lie after another (idiom) / to talk nonsense / bogus story
undecipherable handwriting / scribblings / (fig.) hypocritical talk
foreigner (Cantonese) / Westerner
treacherous person / evil spirit
haunted house
who would believe it! / what rubbish!
sinister plot / dirty trick / cheap trick
(coll.) to holler / to squawk
sneaky / furtive
dirty trick / monkey business
lit. ghosts are afraid of evil too / an evil person fears someone even more evil (idiom)
Devil (in Jewish and Christian mythology)
full of devilish tricks and cunning stratagems (idiom) / sly / crafty / malicious
Joker (playing card)
variant of 鬼哭狼嚎
(bird species of China) boreal owl (Aegolius funereus)
unable to restrain oneself / pulling and tugging at each other
(dialect) flaming mad / furious
devils are born in the heart (idiom) / fears originate in the mind
muddled / momentarily confused
Caucasian woman (Cantonese)

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