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  *鬼* | 鬼* | *鬼
ghost / demon / terrible / damnable / clever / sly / crafty / (suffix for sb with a certain vice or addiction etc) / one of the 28 constellations
little demon (term of endearment for a child) / mischievous child / imp
Red Devils, nickname of Manchester United Football Club
curse it! / to hell with it!
evil spirit / devil
black devil (derogatory term for black or African person)
malicious spirit / devil
devil / You devil! (as joke or insult) / the departed
disgusting person / slob
sb who is always hungry / glutton / (Buddhism) hungry ghost
lecher / pervert
to make mischief / to play tricks
heavy smoker / chain smoker
to play tricks / to cheat / to get up to mischief / to become a ghost / to give up the ghost
miser / penny-pincher
(jocularly) clever and quick-witted person
to play tricks / to cause mischief
lit. dress up as God, play the devil (idiom); fig. to mystify / to deceive people / to scam
Huang Fugui, ghost of legends who provided Liu Juanzi with his magical recipes 劉涓子鬼遺方|刘涓子鬼遗方
to suspect everyone / overly suspicious
reggae (loanword)
scapegoat / fall guy
miser / penny-pincher
gargoyle / grotesque
gambling addict
glutton / chowhound
dirty little devil (affectionate, of child)
to have secret motives / to have a guilty conscience
(coll.) youtiao (deep-fried breadstick)
lazybones / idle bum
"white ghost", derogatory term for caucasians (Cantonese)
lecherous devil
downcast wretch / bad-tempered and unpleasant person
leech / bloodsucking vermin / vampire (translated European notion) / fig. cruel exploiter, esp. a capitalist exploiting the workers
reckless person / hothead
ghost of sb devoured by a tiger who helps the tiger devour others
glutton / greedy / piggish
sb who dies prematurely
public nuisance / a wicked, mean spirited individual
heavy smoker / chain smoker
to exorcise / to drive out evil spirits
unlicensed street vendor
foreign devil / wartime term of abuse for Japanese
mole / spy / rat / traitor
five chief demons of folklore personifying pestilence / also written 五瘟神
ghost of a person who died by hanging / hanged person / (coll.) inchworm / hangman (word game)
rascal / mischievous fellow / joker
afraid to die (contemptuous term)
to harbor ulterior motives (idiom)

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