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  *真* | 真* | *真
really / truly / indeed / real / true / genuine
genuine / real / true / genuinely
true / real
the truth about sth / the actual facts
sincere / sincerity
truth / CL: 個|个
indeed / truly / (coll.) (used to express disapproval, annoyance etc about sth)
a real person / Daoist spiritual master
sincere / heartfelt / CL:
questions from previous years' exams
true / sincere / genuine
true love
genuine or fake / true or false
real situation / the truth
fungi / fungus
true or bogus / authenticity
the real meaning / the true essence
vivid / distinct / clear / sincere / honest
really / in fact / genuinely / scrupulously
silk / pure silk
the real body (of Buddha or a God) / true effigy
true / real
portrait / genuine appearance / real face
dermis (layer within the skin containing sense of touch)
sutra / Taoist treatise
the feeling that sth is genuine / sense of reality / in the flesh
Lord of profound heaven, major Daoist deity / aka Black Tortoise 玄武 or Black heavenly emperor 玄天上帝
genuine and sincere (idiom) / wholehearted
real knowledge
really / truly / indeed
super! / really great / wonderful
true statement / incantation (translates Sanskrit: dharani 陀羅尼|陀罗尼)
real swords, real spears (idiom) / real weapons / very much for real / every bit real / the genuine article
out of genuine friendship (idiom) / sincere feelings
reliable evidence (idiom); conclusive proof / definitive evidence
True gold fears no fire. (idiom)
proper fraction (with numerator < denominator, e.g. five sevenths) / see also: improper fraction 假分數|假分数 and mixed number 帶分數|带分数
real intention / true meaning / correct interpretation
real / the nature of sth
solid learning / real ability and learning / genuine talent
(slang) really cool, awesome
Shingon Buddhism
regular script (Chinese calligraphic style)
true color
(variant of 真相) the truth about sth / the actual facts
vacuum tube
authentic tradition / handed-down teachings or techniques
the true way
the real essence (of the matter)
can't judge true or false (idiom); unable to distinguish the genuine from the fake / not to know whether to believe (what one reads in the news)
reality / veracity / the real thing
real face fully revealed (idiom); fig. to unmask and expose the whole truth
the truth / reality
true explanation / genuine reason
awesome (expression of approval used hypocritically after bitching about the exact same thing earlier) (neologism c. 2014)
sincere / genuine / straightforward
proper subset
penetrating insight
reality show (loanword)
highest true (non-falsetto) voice
true identity / true colors
the True God
authentic (painting or calligraphy) / genuine work (of famous artist)
the whole truth is revealed (idiom); everything becomes clear
pearl / usually written 珍珠
The Moment of Truth (TV show) / Truth or Dare (game)
You're really quite something! / You're just amazing!
vacuum pump
Hezbollah (Lebanon Islamic group)
the sage presents as an ordinary person (idiom)
real-life version (of some imaginary character)
genuine people and true events
truth table
hard to distinguish real from imitation
true negative (TN)
to receive heaven's command (of Daoist immortals etc) / ordained by heaven
truth, goodness and beauty
authenticity / truthfulness / veracity / reality / validity
eumetazoa / subkingdom of animals excluding sponges
odd / unusual / I can't believe that ...
Really! (interj. of annoyance or frustration)
real version (as opposed to pirated) / genuine version
Pravda (newspaper)
Ministry of Truth, a fictional ministry from George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four
Zhenpan commandery (108 BC-c. 300 AD), one of four Han dynasty commanderies in north Korea
(Mohammad Ali) Jinnah (founder of Pakistan)
natural voice / modal voice / true voice / opposite: falsetto 假聲|假声
true affirmative (TA)
Khmer kingdom of Kampuchea or Cambodia / Chinese term for Cambodia from 7th to 15th century
Eumycetes (taxonomic class of fungi)

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