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  *真* | 真* | *真
really / truly / indeed / real / true / genuine
fax / facsimile
true / real
genuine / real / true / genuinely
conscientious / earnest / serious / to take seriously / to take to heart
portrait / to describe sth accurately
a real person / Daoist spiritual master
indeed / truly / (coll.) (used to express disapproval, annoyance etc about sth)
the truth about sth / the actual facts
authenticity / truthfulness / veracity / reality / validity
to emulate / to simulate / emulation / simulation
true / sincere / genuine
sincere / heartfelt / CL:
genuine or fake / true or false
true or bogus / authenticity
real situation / the truth
naive / innocent / artless
reality show (loanword)
true love
lifelike / true to life / distinctly / clearly
innocent and unaffected / pure and unadulterated
truth / CL: 個|个
silk / pure silk
sincere / sincerity
fax number
fax machine
to lack fidelity / (signal) distortion
real-life version (of some imaginary character)
Islamic / Muslim / halal (of food) / clean / pure
sutra / Taoist treatise
the real meaning / the true essence
childishness / naivete
to come true
vacuum pump
dermis (layer within the skin containing sense of touch)
fungi / fungus
to take seriously / serious / No joking, really!
Lord of profound heaven, major Daoist deity / aka Black Tortoise 玄武 or Black heavenly emperor 玄天上帝
really / as expected / sure enough / if indeed... / if it's really...
photobook (loanword from Japanese), generally sexy portraits of an actress or model
really / in fact / genuinely / scrupulously
Yan Zhenqing (709-785), a leading calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty
portrait / genuine appearance / real face
genuine goods at fair prices / (fig.) genuine / real / true
true / real
serious / in earnest
frank and sincere / candid
the whole truth is revealed (idiom); everything becomes clear
a dream come true
true statement / incantation (translates Sanskrit: dharani 陀羅尼|陀罗尼)
to return to one's true self / to regain the natural state
truth, goodness and beauty
Really! (interj. of annoyance or frustration)
reality / veracity / the real thing
authentic tradition / handed-down teachings or techniques
authentic (painting or calligraphy) / genuine work (of famous artist)
innocent and unaffected
genuine and sincere (idiom) / wholehearted
the real body (of Buddha or a God) / true effigy
super! / really great / wonderful
real knowledge
proper fraction (with numerator < denominator, e.g. five sevenths) / see also: improper fraction 假分數|假分数 and mixed number 帶分數|带分数
Jurchen, a Tungus ethnic group, predecessor of the Manchu ethnic group who founded the Later Jin Dynasty 後金|后金 and Qing Dynasty
in a vacuum
The Moment of Truth (TV show) / Truth or Dare (game)
the feeling that sth is genuine / sense of reality / in the flesh
vacuum tube
to receive heaven's command (of Daoist immortals etc) / ordained by heaven
hard to distinguish real from imitation
truth table
Jianzhen or Ganjin (688-763), Tang dynastic Buddhist monk, who crossed to Japan after several unsuccessful attempts, influential in Japanese Buddhism
Actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth (item from Deng Xiaoping theory, from 1978)
to take sth to be true
to die (Buddhism)
the True God
(slang) really cool, awesome
Peng Zhen (1902-1997), Chinese communist leader
solid learning / real ability and learning / genuine talent
(slang, jocular, neologism c. 2006, used esp. in relation to public figures) the things you and your friends get up to (misbehavior, scandals etc) leave me shaking my head
true sentiments are seen in hard times (idiom) / you see who your true friends are when you go through tough times together / you see who your true friends are when you are in difficulties
true explanation / genuine reason
emulation server
true color
really / truly / indeed
Temujin, birth name of Genghis Khan 成吉思汗
the truth / reality
absolutely true (idiom) / manifold / true from many points of view
real / the nature of sth
Daozhen Klau and Hmong autonomous county in Zunyi 遵義|遵义, northeast Guizhou
lit. not to know the true face of Lushan Mountain / fig. can't see the forest for the trees
Daozhen Klau and Hmong Autonomous County in Zunyi 遵義|遵义, northeast Guizhou
to set the record straight / to clarify the facts
real version (as opposed to pirated) / genuine version
real intention / true meaning / correct interpretation

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