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politics / political
government affairs
government / CL: 個|个
policy / CL: 個|个
  *政* | 政* | *政
political / politics / government
political law / politics and law
CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) / abbr. of 中國人民政治協商會議|中国人民政治协商会议
political commissar (within the army)
regime / political power
political work / ideological work
political party / CL: 個|个
government (viewed as an organization) / institutions of government / government office
government bonds (investments)
politics / government affairs
politics / political science
political figure / politician / statesman
political economy
political circles
political life
political division / cadre department
important political leader / government dignitary
political position
rules for political staff / political discipline
political situation
coup d'état
(political) achievements / track record
Zhenghe county in Nanping 南平 Fujian
Zhenghe county in Nanping 南平 Fujian
examine sb's political record / political investigation
church and state / government and education / political education
government employee
head of state / government leader
political and government circles
form of government / system of government
political thought / ideology
political climate
form of government
political views
government army
political reform
political commissar (during Russian and Chinese communist revolutions)
political correctness / politically correct
political education office (within a school) (PRC)
political training office (during Chinese revolution, since renamed political division 政治部)
political asylum
political enemy / opponent
political situation
political commentary
political asylum
government decree
political reform
political prisoner
union of religious and political rule / theocracy / Caesaropapism
political movement
political relations
political arena
political program / platform
political organization
political history
efficient government, people at peace (idiom); all is well with the state and the people
to politicize
political climate
information services department
politics / government affairs
at the helm of state / political power / regime
political group / faction
government warning
political dissident
statesman / politician / CL: 個|个, ,
power vacuum / political vacuum
government circle / political circle
the name of Academia Sinica 中央研究院 when it was founded

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