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administrative / executive (attributive)
municipal administration
civil administration
finances (public) / financial
  *政* | 政* | *政
political / politics / government
postal service / postal
Party and government administration
honest or clean politics
new policy / New Deal (Roosevelt's 1933 policy to deal with the Great Depression)
current politics / political situation of the time
China Post (Chinese postal service)
to hold power / in office
to manage state affairs / to govern the country
army and government
to discuss politics
internal affairs (of a country)
to act as regent
to be involved in politics / participation in politics
Ying Zheng (260-210 BC), personal name of the first emperor 秦始皇
people's democratic dictatorship
benevolent government
constitutional government
public administration
law and government / law and politics
tyranny / despotic rule
national politics / archaic rank, "Minister of State" / common given name
to do things each in one's own way
honest and industrious government functionaries (idiom)
rule of science
don't meddle in affairs that are not part of your position (Confucius)
to corrupt politics
lit. to govern from behind the curtain / to rule in place of the emperor (idiom)
to come to power / to hold power / in office
benevolent policy / humane government
to establish a government / esp. refers to communist takeover of 1949
failed reform of Northern Song government in 1043
ASHIKAGA Yoshimasa (1435-1490), eighth Ashikaga shōgun, reigned 1449-1473
to usurp political power
Hu-Wen New Administration (formed in 2003), ostensibly reform-oriented leadership of Hu Jintao 胡錦濤|胡锦涛 and Wen Jiabao 溫家寶|温家宝
to rule / to be in power
the rule of former kings
important governmental or administrative matter
parasitic government
Hezheng county in Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture 臨夏回族自治州|临夏回族自治州, Gansu
to alleviate oppressive administration (idiom)

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