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to arrange / to plan / to set up / arrangements / plans
  *排* | 排* | *排
a row / a line / to set in order / to arrange / to line up / to eliminate / to drain / to push open / platoon / raft / classifier for lines, rows etc
front row
to arrange / to lay out
women's volleyball / abbr. for 女子排球
the back row
chicken breast / chicken cutlet
dress rehearsal / to have a dress rehearsal
pork ribs / pork chop
lamb chop
men's volleyball / abbr. for 男子排球
horizontal setting (printing)
bamboo raft
fish steak
phototypesetting / photocomposition
to reduce emissions
(typesetting) to indent
to arrange
ice raft / ice floe
power strip
to dump illegally
side by side / abreast
manual transmission
automatic transmission
T-bone steak
leading (between lines of type)
thorough search
sirloin steak
vertical setting (printing)
to reduce carbon emissions
fillet steak
gears (in a car)
to rearrange / to retypeset

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