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to rank (1st, 2nd etc) / ranking
to rank / ranking / seniority (among siblings)
the charts (of best-sellers) / table of ranking
  *排* | 排* | *排
a row / a line / to set in order / to arrange / to line up / to eliminate / to drain / to push open / platoon / raft / classifier for lines, rows etc
to arrange / to plan / to set up / arrangements / plans
to sort / to arrange in order
to arrange in order / (math.) permutation
to drain
discharge volume / engine capacity / engine displacement (volume of air fuel mixture drawn in during one cycle)
emission / discharge / exhaust (gas etc)
the back row
to line up
to inspect / to run through a checklist / to take stock / to audit
to eliminate / to remove / to exclude / to rule out
pork chop / pork cutlet / spare ribs / (coll.) skinny person
volleyball / CL: 個|个
to arrange / to lay out
to dump illegally
to reduce emissions
to ventilate
to drain sewage
women's volleyball / abbr. for 女子排球
dress rehearsal
to discharge
to rehearse / rehearsal
exhaust pipe
stall (of market etc)
side by side / abreast
drainpipe / waste pipe
fault resolution / trouble clearing
platoon leader / sergeant
food stall / open-air restaurant
to reject / to exclude / to eliminate / to remove / to repel
lamb chop
ranking / ordered list / top 20 / roll of honor / to come nth out of 100
to crowd out / to push aside / to supplant
parallelism (grammar)
gear (of car etc)
beach volleyball
pork ribs / pork chop
to fly up to the sky
troubleshooting / debugging / to debug / erratum / to arrange in incorrect sequence
lit. frontline troops / leader / trailblazer / pacesetter
to ovulate
horizontal setting (printing)
to drain (factory waste etc) / to excrete (urine, sweat etc)
men's volleyball / abbr. for 男子排球
to mediate / to reconcile / to make peace / to intervene
chicken breast / chicken cutlet
to resolve a difficult situation and leave worries behind (idiom)
ostentation / a show of extravagance / grand style / red tape
to form a long line (i.e. of people waiting)
to defecate
terraced house
to urinate
vertical setting (printing)
lit. to topple the mountains and overturn the seas (idiom); earth-shattering / fig. gigantic / of spectacular significance
exclusive / excluding
to schedule
exhaust vent
anti-Chinese (policies, actions, sentiments etc) / Sinophobia
mine clearance
league table / roll of honor
fish steak
to discharge into / to secrete into
excrement / waste
bamboo raft
to rehearse (a performance)
to reduce carbon emissions
thorough search
to drain flooded fields
drainage system / excretory system
to drain flood-water
to arrange
typesetting and printing
a dance in formation / choreographed dance / line dance
to eliminate Jews / antisemitism
an air vent / a ventilation shaft
plughole / drainage hole
fillet steak
xenophobic / anti-foreigner
paid queuer / person paid to stand in line for another
feces / excrement / scat / droppings / to egest / to get (one's feelings) out / to rid oneself (of a thought)
(jocularly) anorexic girl / a bag of bones
ranking / ordering in list
to stand one's ground against the opinion of the masses (idiom)
to expel poison (from the system) / to detox
to form a long queue (idiom) / (of cars) to be bumper to bumper
plughole / drainage hole
to troubleshoot / to check components individually for problems / troubleshooting

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