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oneself / one's own
  *己* | 己* | *己
self / oneself / sixth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干 / sixth in order / letter "F" or Roman "VI" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc / hexa
to be strict with oneself
to know oneself / to be intimate or close / intimate friend
without the freedom to act independently (idiom); involuntary / not of one's own volition / in spite of oneself
dissident / alien / outsider / non-self / others
close female friend / confidante
a matter of no concern to oneself (idiom)
to be strict with oneself (idiom) / to demand a lot of oneself
Daji (c. 11th century BC), concubine of the last Shang dynasty king Zhou Xin 紂辛|纣辛
to be content with one's lot (idiom) / to know one's place
(coll.) (Tw) to get sacked / to be fired
harming others for one's personal benefit (idiom); personal gain to the detriment of others
to harm others without benefiting oneself (idiom)
personal profit / to benefit oneself
close male friend / confidant
love others as self
self-restraint / discipline / selflessness
intimate / private saving of family members
you can't always do as you like / one has to compromise in this world (idiom)
to seek the cause in oneself rather than sb else
if you want sth done well, do it yourself (idiom)
to consider sb as close friend (idiom); to take into one's confidence
selfless / self-sacrifice (to help others) / self-renunciation / altruism
to blot out one's conscience
Kong Yiji, protagonist of short story by Lu Xun 魯迅|鲁迅
to exercise power arbitrarily (idiom)
to wipe out dissenters / to exterminate those who disagree
to know the enemy and know oneself (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War")
intimate / private saving of family members
to be oneself
self-restraint and devotion to public duties (idiom); selfless dedication / to serve the public interest wholeheartedly
an individual

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