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oneself / one's own
to be oneself
to do (sth) oneself / to help oneself to
to express oneself / to give an account of oneself / to project oneself / to show off
those on our side / ourselves / one's own people / one of us
to move a stone and stub one's toe / to shoot oneself in the foot (idiom)
to crush one's own foot while trying to maneuver a rock (to a cliff edge, to drop on one's enemy) (idiom) / hoisted by one's own petard
to exercise power arbitrarily (idiom)
there's no place like home (idiom)
Help others, and others may help you (idiom).
(coll.) (Tw) to get sacked / to be fired
Go your own way, let others say what they like. (popular modern cliche) / Do it my way.

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