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  *土* | 土* | *土
Tu (ethnic group) / surname Tu
  *土* | 土* | *土
earth / dust / clay / local / indigenous / crude opium / unsophisticated / one of the eight categories of ancient musical instruments 八音
country's territory / national land
one's native country / native / local / metropolitan territory
(Buddhism) Pure Land, usually refers to Amitabha Buddha's Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss (Sukhavati in Sanskrit)
reinforced concrete
native soil / one's native land / one's hometown / local (to an area)
water and soil / surface water / natural environment (extended meaning) / climate
red soil / laterite
earth / soil / mud / clay
loess (yellow sandy soil typical of north China)
to dig up / to appear in an excavation / unearthed / to come up out of the ground
waste soil (excavation waste, contaminated soil etc) / (post-apocalyptic) wasteland
to break ground (prior to building sth) / to start building
to break ground / to start digging / to plough / to break through the ground (of seedling) / fig. the start of a building project
fertile land
frozen earth / permafrost / tundra
bauxite / aluminum ore
homeland / hot piece of real estate
native country / one's homeland
happy place / paradise / haven
bauxite / aluminum ore
to bury / buried / interred
bentonite (mineralogy)
Spodosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
sandy soil
country bumpkin / redneck (derog)
natural conditions and social customs of a place / local conditions
dirty soil / dung / muck
potter's clay / kaolin
Rutog county in Ngari prefecture, Tibet, Tibetan: Ru thog rdzong
kaolin (clay) / china clay
the East / China
to guard one's territory / to protect the country
to earth up
topsoil / surface dust
Ferrosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
(agr.) immature soil / virgin soil
rammed earth
lit. to squander money like dirt (idiom) / fig. to spend money like water / extravagant
Histosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
dust / sand
alkaline soil
Anthrosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
legendary land of hermits / secret land / the back of beyond
knight / chevallier / chivalrous
surface soil / topsoil
to heap earth (to close a tomb) / a mound (covering a tomb)
scorched earth
ashen-faced (idiom)
raw opium
heaven and earth (idiom)
freshly dug up earth
humus (topsoil of decayed vegetation)
(of a stranger) not accustomed to the climate of a new place / not acclimatized
fireproof stone / flame-resistant material
alkaline soil
mortar / concrete / cement
dirty soil / muck / trash
to look upon as dirt / considered worthless
Ferralosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
Gleyosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
Halosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
rare earth (chemistry)
Vertosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
ashen-faced (idiom)
Aridosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
to plow (loosen the soil)
cement (loanword) (old)
Cambosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
Argosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
Andosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
Isohumosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
Primosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
plowed earth / moist soil
red brick clay
silt (geology)
Putog, former county 1983-1999 in Zogang county 左貢縣|左贡县, Chamdo prefecture, Tibet

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