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  *土* | 土* | *土
Tu (ethnic group) / surname Tu
  *土* | 土* | *土
earth / dust / clay / local / indigenous / crude opium / unsophisticated / one of the eight ancient musical instruments 八音
land / soil / territory / CL: , 塊|块
local god / genius loci
building / construction / civil engineering
potato / CL: 個|个 / (Tw) peanut / CL: 顆|颗
civil engineering
civil engineering / same as 土木工程
local tyrant / local strong man / (slang) nouveau riche
Tudou, a Chinese video-sharing website
local specialty
land resources
Turkish (language)
julienned potato
traditional communal residence, usually of circular shape, found in Fujian province
mashed potato
Tumed right banner, Mongolian Tümed baruun khoshuu, in Baotou 包頭|包头, Inner Mongolia
sliced bread (loanword from "toast") / government-appointed hereditary tribal headman in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties
Saturn (planet)
indigenous person / aboriginal
layer of soil / ground level
ground beetle / (coll.) professional or entrepreneur who, unlike a 海歸|海归, has never studied overseas / (dialect) country bumpkin
Tucheng city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
free-range chicken
Titan (moon of Saturn), aka Saturn VI
locally born and bred / indigenous / home-grown
produced locally / local product (with distinctive native features)
dirt road
temperature of the soil
pedology (soil study)
Tumed left banner, Mongolian Tümed züün khoshuu, in Hohhot 呼和浩特, Inner Mongolia
land reform
Tu or White Mongol ethnic group of Qinghai
Tumen or Bumin Khan (-553), founder of Göktürk khanate
Turkmenistan / Republic of Turkmenistan, former Soviet republic adjoining Iran
country bumpkin / boor / unsophisticated country person (humble, applied to oneself) / burial mound
Tucson (city in Arizona)
rustic / uncouth / unsophisticated
native / aborigine / clay figure
land use plan (official P.R.C. government term)
local tyrant
mud brick / adobe / unfired earthenware
Toulon (city in France)
earthen kiln / loess cave
a Turk / Turkish person
moon of Saturn
traditional method
(coll.) rustic / uncouth
dialect / patois
Enceladus (moon of Saturn), aka Saturn II
mound / hillock
aardwolf (Proteles cristatus), a small insectivorous relative of the hyena
vernacular / slang / dialect / patois
local wealthy landlord / country money-bags / rich provincial
native state (term used by British Colonial power to refer to independent states of India or Africa)
earth dam / dam of earth and rocks (as opposed to waterproof dam of clay or concrete)
homespun cloth
heated brick common bed
local produce
earthen levee
hillbilly / yokel / redneck / bumpkin
burial (in earth)
unsophisticated / rustic / uncouth
clay ox / mound of earth on a dike (ready for emergency repairs)
embankment or foothpath between paddy fields
local bosses, shady gentry (idiom); dominant local mafia
combining native and foreign methods (idiom); sophisticated and many-sided
Tuku town in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
Australia (slang term reflecting a perception of Australia as something of a backwater)
homemade / earthen
turquoise (gemstone) (loanword)
Tuku town in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
rustic / uncouth / unsophisticated
(coll.) commie (derog., used by the KMT) / CCP, the party of the people (used by CCP supporters) / pro-Beijing camp (HK) / (abbr.) Communist Party of Turkey / Communist Party of Turkmenistan
lit. earthen steps and a thatched hut / frugal living conditions (idiom)
native dog / mole cricket (colloquial word for agricultural pest Gryllotalpa 螻蛄|蝼蛄)
Tudi Gong, the God of the earth
Turkmen (person)
turquoise (gemstone) (loanword)
Turkish delight / Lokum
clay ox, wooden horse (idiom); shape without substance / worthless object
one's body as wood and earth / undecorated / unvarnished (truth)
domestic and foreign
earth and wood framework (idiom); plain and undecorated body
Tujia ethnic group of Hunan
Saturday (used in ancient Chinese astronomy)
see 香附
lit. earthen steps and a small cottage / frugal living conditions (idiom)
dill seed
land reform / same as 土地改革

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