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world (CL:個|个)
century / CL: 個|个
to pass away / to die
for many generations / generation / era / age
to pass away / to die
to be published / to come out
reincarnation or transmigration (Buddhism)
  *世* | 世* | *世
surname Shi
  *世* | 世* | *世
life / age / generation / era / world / lifetime / epoch / descendant / noble
family influential for generations / aristocratic family
previous generations / previous incarnation (Buddhism)
the world in chaos / troubled times / (in Buddhism) the mortal world
handed down from ancient times / family heirloom
this life / to lose face / to be disgraced
abbr. for 世界博覽會|世界博览会, World Expo
great wide world / marvelously diverse world / (Buddhism) cosmos (abbr. for 三千大千世界)
unique / exceptional
(idiom) to consider oneself unexcelled in the world; to be insufferably arrogant
one's life experience; one's lot; one's past history
a flourishing period / period of prosperity / a golden age
on earth
to be published (of art, literary works etc) / to come out / to take shape / to see the light of day
to be cut off from the rest of the world (idiom)
people (in general); people around the world; everyone
afterlife / next life
the world / this world / the world of the living
the Third (of numbered kings)
affairs of life / things of the world
the teeming world / the world of sensual pleasures
later generations
medieval / Middle Ages
world / earth
(long time) friend of the family
world championship
(archaic) to live in seclusion / to pass away
a whole lifetime (idiom); all my life
World Trade Organization (WTO) / abbr. for 世界貿易組織|世界贸易组织
this life / this age
to conduct oneself in society
to be alive
the hypocrisy of the world (idiom)
to trifle without respect (idiom); to despise worldly conventions / frivolous
generation / period of 30 years / one's whole lifetime / lifelong / age / era / times / the whole world / the First (of numbered European kings)
Bosch (surname) / Bosch, German technology company
to be cynical / to be embittered
(Buddhism) the world of the living
family background
all ages
profane / secular / worldly
to die / to pass away
unrivalled / matchless
to be reincarnated
universally shocking / to offend the whole of society
the mundane world; the world of mortals
throughout the world / world ranking (e.g. first)
crown prince; heir of a noble house
separated by a generation / a lifetime ago
Sejong the Great or Sejong Daewang (1397-1450), reigned 1418-1450 as fourth king of Joseon or Chosun dynasty, in whose reign the hangeul alphabet was invented
succession / inheritance / hereditary
(idiom) to stand aloof from worldly affairs
to die / to depart this life (euphemism) / same as 去世
World Honored One / Revered One of the World (Buddha)
the Second (of numbered kings) / second generation (e.g. Chinese Americans)
(idiom) the way one conducts oneself in society
(religion) this mortal life; the mundane world
incomparable / none to compare with at that time
World Bank (abbr. for 世界銀行|世界银行)
unrivaled (idiom); world number one / unique / unequaled
Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion or Goddess of Mercy (Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara)
world-famous (idiom)
paradise (mainly Buddhist) / Elysium / (Budd.) Sukhavati
to engage with secular society / to involve oneself in human affairs / to join the WTO (abbr. for 加入世界貿易組織|加入世界贸易组织)
the ways of the world
sophisticated / worldly-wise
the ways of the world / the morals of the time
World Expo (abbr. for 世界博覽會|世界博览会)
unpracticed / inexperienced / naive / unsophisticated
world-weary / pessimistic
eternal / forever
for many generations
to receive worldwide attention
passed on from generation to generation (idiom); to hand down
the wider world / diverse aspects of society
public morals are degenerating with each passing day (idiom)
the present age / in office / the current office holder
peace and prosperity (idiom)
the world in chaos / troubled times / the mortal world (Buddhism)
to shun the world
previous life
alternation of generations
the world situation; the state of the world
(of one's name, reputation etc) to be immortalized (idiom) / to leave a mark for generations to come
to die / to depart from the world forever
like a thing of the previous generation; as if it were a lifetime ago

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