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  *世* | 世* | *世
surname Shi
  *世* | 世* | *世
life / age / generation / era / world / lifetime / epoch / descendant / noble
a flourishing period / period of prosperity / a golden age
unique / exceptional
to pass away / to die
to pass away / to die
handed down from ancient times / family heirloom
to be published / to come out
the creation (in mythology and Genesis 1-2) / the first foundational steps
previous generations / previous incarnation (Buddhism)
one's life experience / one's lot / one's past history
later generations
generation / period of 30 years / one's whole lifetime / lifelong / age / era / times / the whole world / the First (of numbered European kings)
the world / this world / the world of the living
to conduct oneself in society
a whole lifetime (idiom); all my life
the world in chaos / troubled times / (in Buddhism) the mortal world
reincarnation or transmigration (Buddhism)
to be published (of art, literary works etc) / to come out / to take shape / to see the light of day
unrivalled / matchless
this life / to lose face / to be disgraced
Zurich, Switzerland
to be alive
to be born / to come into being / to withdraw from worldly affairs
to pass away / death
last phase (of an age)
this mortal life / the mundane world
to die / to pass away
incomparable / none to compare with at that time
to join the WTO / to enter the world / secular
the fifth (of series of numbered kings)
the vulgar world (Buddhist concept) / secular world
to die / to depart this life (euphemism) / same as 去世
to consider oneself unexcelled in the world / to be insufferably arrogant
throughout the world / world ranking (e.g. first)
this life / this age
family background
all ages
the present age / in office / the current office holder
ecumenical / universal
to die / to leave this world
world-weary / pessimistic
Oligocene (geological epoch from 34m-24m years ago)
separated by a generation / a lifetime ago
(Buddhism) the world of the living
practice medicine or pharmacy to help the people or public
to see the world
eternal / forever
to shun the world
peace and prosperity (idiom)
Qin Ershi (229-207 BC), second Qin emperor
Cretaceous (geological period 140-65m years ago)
like a thing of the previous generation / as if it were a lifetime ago
the Third (of numbered kings)
(of one's name, reputation etc) to be immortalized (idiom) / to leave a mark for generations to come
to die / to pass away
booming and golden age of Qing dynasty (from Kang Xi to Qian Long emperors)
to announce to the world (idiom) / to make public / to let everyone know
the world in chaos / troubled times / the mortal world (Buddhism)
the way of one's conduct and interaction in society (idiom)
to see the world / to go out into society / to gain experience
world of the living
Holocene (geological period covering approx 12000 years since the last ice age)
to die / future incarnation / next life / to be born / to come into the world / future generation
George I of Great Brittain
to die / to pass away
Pliocene (geological epoch from 5m-2m years ago)
to announce to the world (idiom) / to make public / to let everyone know
Eocene (geological epoch from 55m-34m years ago)
to leave this world / to die
King Mohammed VI (King of Morocco)
peerless talent (idiom); incomparable artistic merit
the Second (of numbered kings) / second generation (e.g. Chinese Americans)
alone in the world (idiom)
Dai Mingshi (1653-1713), early Qing writer
Harald V of Norway
the world of the dead
of this world
final phase / end of a historical era
lit. to descend to earth (of an immortal) / to be born
previous life
from age to age
Henry V (1387-1422), English warrior king, victor of Agincourt / History of Henry V by William Shakespeare 莎士比亞|莎士比亚
Letsie III of Lesotho
Pleistocene (geological epoch from 2m years ago, covering the most recent ice ages)
Miocene (geological epoch from 24m-5m years ago)
a good reputation to last a hundred generations
Palaeocene (geological epoch from 65m-55m years ago)
to make the world a better place
previous life
Pope Benedict XVI / Joseph Alois Ratzinger (1927-), pope 2005-2013

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