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  *還* | 還* | *還
still / still in progress / still more / yet / even more / in addition / fairly / passably (good) / as early as / even / also / else
  *更* | 更* | *更
more / even more / further / still / still more
or / still / nevertheless / had better
still / yet
still / as before
(detectable) movement / (sign of) activity / movement and stillness
as before / still
still (remaining) / to remain (the same) / yet
(not) even / yet / still
as before / (same) as usual / in the same manner / still / nevertheless
so far / up to now / still (not)
  *但* | 但* | *但
but / yet / however / only / merely / still
  *尚* | 尚* | *尚
still / yet / to value / to esteem
not yet / still not
furthermore / in addition / still / also
  *聽* | 聽* | *聽
(literary pronunciation, still advocated in Taiwan) to rule / to sentence / to allow
  *靜* | 靜* | *靜
still / calm / quiet / not moving
  *仍* | 仍* | *仍
still / yet / to remain
while still alive / simply / totally
Matsu, name of a sea goddess still widely worshipped on the SE China coast and in SE Asia
photo taken during a theatrical production / a still (from a movie)
(literary) still / yet
there's still time / able to do sth in time
immature green soy beans, either still in the pod (edamame) or removed from the pod
  *泖* | 泖* | *泖
still water
  *澶* | 澶* | *澶
still (as of water) / still water
deathly stillness
  *猶* | 猶* | *猶
as if / (just) like / just as / still / yet
still / immobile / static / stationary
quiet / still / tranquil
ancient Chinese divination tradition (still in use today)
overseas Chinese / (in a restricted sense) Chinese emigrant who still retains Chinese nationality / CL: 個|个, ,
real (people) / living (artist) / while still alive (e.g. skinned alive)
silence / stillness
nine deaths and still alive (idiom); a narrow escape / new lease of life
flower bud / young flower still tightly rolled up
undecided / indeterminate / still in doubt
to sit upright and still (idiom)
aerial photography (video or still) (Tw)
still / peaceful / quiet
  *尙* | 尙* | *尙
variant of , still / yet / to value / to esteem
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding / still growing strong / on the up
lit. lay down the flag and still the drums (idiom); fig. to cease / to give in
to sketch from nature / to do a still life drawing
(literary) still / yet
lit. breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom); tranquil environment / all is quiet / a dead calm (at sea)
can still be considered (to be...) / may after all be accepted as
  *潿* | 潿* | *潿
still water
  *贕* | 贕* | *贕
still-born chick (in unhatched egg) / variant of 殰|㱩
hell on earth (idiom); suffering the torments of Buddhist hell while still alive / fig. having an uncomfortable time
  *侐* | 侐* | *侐
still / silent
  *宓* | 宓* | *宓
still / silent
lit. an old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop 1000 miles (idiom); fig. old people may still cherish high aspirations
to stand still without advancing (idiom); to hesitate and hold back
unable to reach a decision (idiom); cannot agree on the right choice / no unanimous decision / still a matter of discussion
(coll.) adults still living with and depending on their parents
lit. the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed (idiom) / fig. the influence still lingers on / the spirit (of some doctrine) is still alive
(derog.) old but still alive / old fart / old bastard
lit. even a scrawny camel is bigger than a horse (idiom) / fig. even after suffering a loss, a rich person is still better off than ordinary people / a cultured person may come down in the world, but he is still superior to the common people
to be made to stand still as a punishment
extreme joy turns to sorrow (idiom); Don't celebrate too soon, things could still go wrong!
peaceful / restful / quiet / still
lit. lotus roots may break, but the fiber remains joined (idiom); lovers part, but still long for one another
words still ringing in one's ears (idiom)
treasure knife does not age (idiom); old but still vigorous
middle-aged but still attractive woman / lady of a certain age
early season rice / rice at transplanting or still unripe
lit. an old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop 1000 miles (idiom); fig. aged person with great aspirations
young people in their late 20s or older who are still unmarried
as yet undecided / unsolved / still outstanding
still (i.e. distilling apparatus)
lit. smell of breast milk not yet dried (idiom) / fig. immature and inexperienced; still wet behind the ears
old but still full of vitality (idiom)
absolutely still / fig. not the slightest change / also written 文風不動|文风不动
lit. a good sword always remains sharp (idiom) / fig. (of one's skills etc) to be as good as ever / the old man still has it
there is still time (to do sth) / to be able to do sth in time / to be able to make it
reserves / amount still in store
deep and still / sound of a drum
akathisia (condition of restlessness, a side-effect of neuroleptic antipsychotic drug) / unable to sit still / hyperactivity / restlessness
middle-aged but still attractive woman / lady of a certain age
lit. a wise person reflecting a thousand times can still make a mistake (idiom); fig. nobody is infallible
the still of the night (idiom) / late at night
unavenged / still demanding retribution
a cornered beast will still fight (idiom) / to fight like an animal at bay
Kong Rong giving up pears, classic moral story about Kong Rong 孔融 picking up smaller pears while leaving the bigger ones to his older brothers, still used nowadays to educate the young on courtesy and modesty
to sit still and do nothing / to sit tight
to stagnate / to congeal / (fig.) to stop still / to freeze
balance due / small balance still to pay / final remaining debt
lit. to lead the life of a whore but still want a monument put up to one's chastity (idiom) / fig. to have bad intentions but still want a good reputation / to want to have one's cake and eat it too
tranquility yields transcendence (idiom); quiet life of profound study / cf Still waters run deep.
lit. breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom); tranquil environment / All is quiet. / a dead calm (at sea)
a thousand tries leads to one success (idiom, humble expr.); Even without any notable ability on my part, I may still get it right sometimes by good luck.
reflect a thousand times and you can still make a mistake (idiom); to err is human
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding / still growing strong / on the up
lit. to fry and sell on the spot / fig. (of fresh graduates) to apply the still-fresh knowledge gained in school
lit. pale-faced scholar (idiom); young and inexperienced person without practical experience / still wet behind the ears
still / quiet
lit. spare valor for sale (idiom); fig. after former successes, still ready for more work / not resting on one's laurels
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding / still growing strong / on the up
not totally heartless / still having a shred of conscience

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