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  *挨* | 挨* | *挨
to suffer; to endure / to pull through (hard times) / to delay; to stall; to play for time; to dawdle
to pull up (stop one's vehicle) / to park / (of a machine) to stop working / to stall
  *緩* | 緩* | *緩
slow / unhurried / sluggish / gradual / not tense / relaxed / to postpone / to defer / to stall / to stave off / to revive / to recuperate
(of fire, lamp etc) to go out / to put out (fire) / (fig.) to die down / (of a vehicle) to stall
teahouse / tea-stall with seats / tea-garden or teahouse seat
to hem and haw / to stall / to stammer / to mumble / to falter
booth; vendor's stall / (fig.) organizational structure; scale of operations
lit. to set up a stall on the ground / fig. to start up a new business
delaying tactics; stalling; measures to stave off an attack; stratagem to win a respite
roadside stall
street stall with goods laid out on the ground
to respond evasively or vaguely / to elude / to stall
vendor's stall
to offer excuses (colloquial) / to stall
to set up a vendor's stall in the street
(dialect) vendor's stall
to set up a stall / (fig.) to maintain a large staff and organization
vendor's stall
(aviation) to stall
food stall / open-air restaurant
to stall / to play for time
to set up stall
to procrastinate / to stall for time / to filibuster
to spread out / to display / to lay out a vendor's stall
place for a vendor's stall
a vendor's stall
relative position of exhibition booth / allocated floor space for display stall / allotted exhibit area
to hold up / to hinder / to stall
vendor's stall
food stall / open-air restaurant (originally Hong Kong usage, now usually written as 大排檔|大排档
stall (of market etc)
stall / booth
covered stall / shed
to falter / to stall
can't advance or retreat (idiom); no room for maneuver / stalled / in a dilemma / stuck in a difficult position
stall selling various goods
noodle stall or counter

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