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  *郭* | 郭* | *郭
outer city wall
space / room / (fig.) scope / leeway / (astronomy) outer space / (physics, math.) space
  *幫* | 幫* | *幫
to help / to assist / to support / for sb (i.e. as a help) / hired (as worker) / side (of pail, boat etc) / outer layer / upper (of a shoe) / group / gang / clique / party / secret society
outer appearance / form / shape / formality / CL: 個|个
outer space
envelope / outer shell / hull / cover / case
take-out (fast food) / (outer part of) tire / as well / besides / into the bargain / outer zone
jacket / upper outer garment / CL:
outer / excluded
  *渠* | 渠* | *渠
big / stream or canal / drain / ditch / CL: 條|条 / him (dialect) / outer rim of a carriage wheel (old)
shell / conch / cowry / mother of pearl / hard outer skin / also pr. [bei4 qiao4]
sleeve cover / outer sleeve
outer layer / outer shell
outer surface / outside / honor / reputation / face (as in "losing face") / self-respect / feelings / (medicinal) powder
outer area (of a place that has an inner area) / dining area of a restaurant (as opposed to the kitchen) / outfield (baseball etc) / area outside a venue (e.g. exterior of a stadium) / field (maintenance, testing etc) / (Chinese opera) the area in front of the table on the stage
Spider-Man, see 蜘蛛俠|蜘蛛侠 / nickname of French skyscraper climber Alain Robert (1962-) / person who scales the outer walls of a building as a stunt or for building maintenance
inner area (of a place that has an outer area) / the kitchen of a restaurant (as opposed to the dining area) / infield (baseball etc) / (Chinese opera) the area behind the table on the stage
carapace / crust / outer shell / also pr. [jia3 ke2]
carapace / hard outer shell / also pr. [pi2 ke2]
outer city wall
outer skin / surface / leather cover (of a book) / drum skin / leather upper (of a shoe)
outer or inner corner of the eye / canthus
Hall of Supreme Harmony, the largest of the three halls that constitute the heart of the Outer Court of the Forbidden City 紫禁城
elegant, almond-shaped eyes with the inner canthus pointing down and the outer canthus up, like the eye of a phoenix
outer corner of the eye
outer clothing / semblance / appearance
red phoenix eyes (eyes whose outer corners incline upwards)
bitten-lips look (darker lipstick applied on the inner part of the lips, and lighter on the outer part)
outside / outer surface / abroad / place other than one's home
inner and outer coffins / coffin
outer city / suburb
outer (of cabbage etc) / upper (of a shoe) / (coll.) group / gang
visitors from outer space
outer skin / envelope / cover / (legal) seal
outer space
Outer Mongolia
kasaya, a patchwork outer vestment worn by a Buddhist monk
outer city wall
valency electron / outer shell of electrons
Outer Mongolia (lit. north of the Gobi Desert)
  *槨* | 槨* | *槨
outer coffin
outer room / the external world / outside
outer corner of the eye
outer ear
outer suburbs / remote outskirts of a city
deep space (outer space)
outer corner of the eye
(TCM) "five strains and seven impairments", five referring to the five viscera 五臟|五脏, and seven to adverse effects on one's body as a result of: overeating (spleen), anger (liver), moisture (kidney), cold (lung), worry (heart), wind and rain (outer appearance) and fear (mind)
outer side
Yongdingmen, front gate of the outer section of Beijing's old city wall, torn down in the 1950s and reconstructed in 2005
carapace / hard outer shell
Uliastai, the Qing name for outer Mongolia
outer courtyard
Sedna, small body in the outer reaches of the solar system
outer transcendence (perfection through the agency of God)
outer skin / carapace
external auditory meatus / auditory canal, between the outer ear 外耳 and tympanum 鼓膜
the Kuiper belt (in the outer reaches of the Solar system)
outer ring (road or rail line)
outer space
Qobto or Kobdo, khanate of outer Mongolia
outer alternate angles (where one line meets two parallel lines)

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