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  *魔* | 魔* | *魔
devil / magic
enchantment / magic
magical / magic / illusion
  *魅* | 魅* | *魅
demon / magic / to charm
Rubik's cube / magic cube
magic cloud
  *祭* | 祭* | *祭
to offer a sacrifice to (gods or ancestors) / memorial ceremony / (in classical novels) to recite an incantation to activate a magic weapon / (lit. and fig.) to wield
Buddha's teaching / Buddhist monk's apparel, staff etc / (Daoism) magic weapon / talisman / fig. specially effective device / magic wand
magic / magic power
  *咒* | 咒* | *咒
incantation / magic spell / curse / malediction / to revile / to put a curse on sb
magic breath
magic power
magic trick
mind reading (in psychology or Western magic)
magic mirror for revealing goblins / fig. way of seeing through a conspiracy
magic wand
legendary magic potion of immortals / panacea / fig. wonder solution to a problem
crystal ball (in Western magic)
magic gourd, granting your every wish
magic transformation performed by Daoist immortal / fig. to reveal / to enlighten
magic wand
elixir / magic potion
Confucian study of ethics / study of Daoism / school for Daoism in Tang and Song times / Daoist magic / another name for 理學|理学, rational learning of Song dynasty neo-Confucianism
legendary magic potion of immortals / panacea / fig. wonder solution to a problem
Taoist incantations and magic symbols / (written or painted) charm / talisman
Magic the gathering (online fantasy game of card collecting and battling)
Secret of the Magic Gourd (1958), prize-winning children's fairy tale by Zhang Tianyi 張天翼|张天翼
to chant a magic spell / to recite incantations
  *氤* | 氤* | *氤
generative forces / magic emanation
maker of immortality pill / concocting magic pills
Zhang Tianyi (1906-1985), children's writer, author of prize-winning fairy tale Secret of the Magic Gourd 寶葫蘆的秘密|宝葫芦的秘密
to come to life (by magic)
Rubik's cube / magic cube
Liu Juanzi, legendary alchemist and creator of magic potions
psilocybin mushroom / magic mushroom
to perform magic / to do magic tricks / prestidigitation
Rubik's cube / magic cube
generative force / magic emanation

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