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  *课* | 课* | *课
subject / course / CL: 門|门 / class / lesson / CL: , 節|节 / to levy / tax / form of divination
to levy (a tax) / to expropriate
  *科* | 科* | *科
branch of study / administrative section / division / field / branch / stage directions / family (taxonomy) / rules / laws / to mete out (punishment) / to levy (taxes etc) / to fine sb / CL: 個|个
  *征* | 征* | *征
to invite / to recruit / to levy (taxes) / to draft (troops) / phenomenon / symptom / characteristic sign (used as proof) / evidence
to increase revenue / to increase income by (x amount) / to levy (a surcharge, tax increase etc) / (of a school) to have an increased student intake
to levy troops / recruitment
to levy taxes
to recover (illegally obtained property) / to seize / to capture / to force sb to hand over sth / to levy
levies in kind / grain tax
customs levy / customs post charging import duties
  *榷* | 榷* | *榷
footbridge / toll, levy / monopoly
to tax by force and extort levies (idiom); to screw taxes out of the people by force
tax levied on a conquered people by an army / fee for a divination session / variant of 氪金, in-app purchase (gaming)
to refuse to pay taxes / to boycott a levy
tax / levy / duty / impost
taxes and levies
to tax / to levy a tax
exorbitant levies
to remit levies
autumn levy (tax on harvest)
to levy exorbitant taxes (idiom)

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