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to encourage
heartening (news) / to boost (morale) / CL: 個|个
to urge (an activity that may be beneficial, harmful or neutral); to encourage; to agitate; to instigate; to incite / to beat; to flap (wings, a fan etc)
  *鼓* | 鼓* | *鼓
drum / CL: , / to drum / to strike / to rouse / to bulge / to swell
a drum tower / Drum Tower, historic attraction in Xian, Beijing etc
Gulangyu, scenic island off Xiamen 廈門|厦门
  *鼓* | 鼓* | *鼓
old variant of
to swell / tympanites
to summon one's (courage, faith etc) / to puff up (one's cheeks etc) / to bulge / to swell out
to tinker with / to incite
to agitate for / to enthusiastically promote
a forced draft (of wind, for smelting metal) / blast (in blast furnace) / bellows / to draw air using bellows
eardrum; tympanic membrane
Gushan or Kushan district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市, south Taiwan
sound of a drum / drumbeat
(in ancient times) to beat the drums and yell (at the moment of launching into battle) / to create a clamor; to make a din; to kick up a fuss about
drum beat / rhythm
full and bulging (of a pocket, pouch etc)
tympanic cavity (of the middle ear)
to wag one's tongue / to speak glibly
lit. to drum on a bowl / refers to Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子 grieving for his lost wife / fig. grief for a lost wife
bulging / bursting
a blast furnace (in modern times) / a draft assisted furnace for smelting metals
to applaud / to clap
Gushan or Kushan district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市, south Taiwan
drum and bass (music genre)
Drumtower city district (various) / Gulou district of Nanjing City 南京市, Jiangsu / Gulou or Drumtower district of Fuzhou city 福州市, Fujian
to puff up / to swell up / to inflate / to blow air into sth / (fig.) to encourage / to support
drumming on a bowl in grief (idiom, refers to Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子 grieving for his lost wife) / fig. grief for a lost wife
protruding eyes
see 箱鼓
beginning-school ceremony (old usage) / classical learning
to summon one's courage
to summon one's courage
bellows / ventilator / air blower
drum beat / rhythm

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