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in silence / not speaking
to agree tacitly / tacit approval / default (setting)
  *默* | 默* | *默
silent / to write from memory
tacit understanding / mutual understanding / rapport / connected at a deep level with each other / (of team members) well coordinated / tight
obscure and unknown (idiom); an outsider without any reputation / a nobody / an unknown quantity
to write from memory
to read in silence
to read silently / to mouth (the words of a prayer etc) / to say to oneself / to contemplate inwardly
Angela Merkel (1954-), German CDU politician, chancellor from 2005
to observe a moment of silence in tribute
silent / speechless
to accept tacitly / acquiescence
to keep silent
Murdoch (name) / Rupert Murdoch (1931-), media magnate
silent movie
pantomime / mime / dumb show
silent contemplation / to meditate / to think in silence
to write from memory
to write from memory
to learn by heart / to commit to memory / to remember / to memorize in silence
the Messiah
Mohammed (c. 570-632), central figure of Islam and prophet of God / also written 穆罕默德
to sit silently
to admire inwardly
to admire inwardly
mental arithmetic / to figure out
silent prayer / pray in silence
Mersey River, through Liverpool
to hint / to imply / implied / tacit
to chant the names of Buddha
to recall silently
Merapi (volcano on Java)

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