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  *鹼* | 鹼* | *鹼
base / alkali / soda (chemistry)
chemical base / nucleobase
to make basic or alkaline / alkalization (chemistry)
alkali metal
base pair (molecular biology)
alkaline earth (i.e. beryllium Be 鈹|铍, magnesium Mg 鎂|镁, calcium Ca 鈣|钙, strontium Sr 鍶|锶, barium Ba 鋇|钡 and radium Ra 鐳|镭)
alkaline soil
alkaline soil
alkali blue
alkali gland
alkali salt (soda, lye, calcium carbonate etc)
saline waste land
alkali spot
basic rock / mafic rock (with less silicon and more magnesium, iron etc)
alkali fumes
alkali test
base pairing (e.g. adenine A 腺嘌呤 pairs with thymine T 胸腺嘧啶 in DNA) / base pair
complementary base pairing e.g. adenine A 腺嘌呤 pairs with thymine T 胸腺嘧啶 in DNA
alkali metal
alkali pulp

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