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  *骑* | 骑* | *骑
to sit astride / to ride (a horse, bike etc) / classifier for saddle horses
horseman / cavalryman / knight (i.e. European nobility) / (Tw) bike rider (scooter, bicycle etc)
  *骑* | 骑* | *骑
(Tw) saddle horse / mounted soldier
to ride (a bicycle, horse, motorbike etc) / cycling / horseback riding / motorbike riding / a ride / CL:
to ride a horse
horse rider / equestrian / jockey / bike rider
to ride a bike (motorbike or bicycle)
arcade (architecture)
mounted police (on horse or motorbike)
carbine / lance
to sit on the fence / to take both sides in a dispute
equestrian archery / riding and shooting
to sit astride / to ride
equestrianism / horsemanship
if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off (idiom); fig. impossible to stop halfway
knight / chevallier / chivalrous
jockey / horse rider / horseman / equestrian
to ride a crane (as a Daoist adept) / to die
horseman / rider / mounted soldier
lit. to ride a crane to Yangzhou (idiom); to get an official position
lit. to search for the mule while riding on it (idiom) / fig. to look for what one already has
Qitian mountain range between south Hunan and Guangdong
mounted police detachment (on horse or motorbike)

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