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to pilot (ship, airplane etc) / to drive
  *駕* | 駕* | *駕
surname Jia
  *駕* | 駕* | *駕
to harness / to draw (a cart etc) / to drive / to pilot / to sail / to ride / your good self / prefixed word denoting respect (polite 敬辭|敬辞)
driver's license
driver's license
to drive a vehicle
to urge on (of horse) / to drive / to steer / to handle / to manage / to master / to dominate
(car, van) driver
pilot / driver
cockpit / control cabin
death of king or emperor / demise
to grace sb with one's presence / your arrival (honorific) / your esteemed presence
to drive (a car) / to fly (an aircraft) / to pilot (a boat)
lit. an easy drive on a familiar path (idiom); fig. experience makes progress easy / a task that is so familiar one can do it with one's hand tied behind one's back
driver's license
to ride the clouds / fig. self-satisfied / arrogant
driving school / abbr. for 駕駛學校|驾驶学校
variant of 駕馭|驾驭
length of experience as a driver
driver's seat / pilot's seat
to sail / to cruise / to pilot a ship
to pull a carriage (of draft animal)
lit. to fly on a crane to the Western Paradise / fig. to pass away (idiom)
to fly on a crane and become immortal

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