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to reject / to turn down / to overrule
  *驳* | 驳* | *驳
variegated / heterogeneous / to refute / to contradict / to ship by barge / a barge / a lighter (ship)
to refute / to debunk / to deny / to denounce
barge / lighter
a low stone wall built along the water's edge to protect an embankment / revetment
to refute / to demolish (an argument, theory etc)
to tow (a barge)
transport by lighter / lighter
to refute and correct
Mauser pistol
to correct (in writing) sb's errors or misconceptions
refutation / incoherent speech
to peel off / mottled / to fail an exam / to be demoted
to contradict sb to his face / insensitive to other's feelings
to refute
(dialect) to argue / to quarrel
to refute

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