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restaurant / hotel / CL: , 個|个
  *饭* | 饭* | *饭
cooked rice / CL: / meal / CL: 頓|顿 / (loanword) fan / devotee
rice ball (steamed rice formed into a ball and stuffed with various fillings) / onigiri (Japanese-style rice ball)
rice bowl / fig. livelihood / job / way of making a living
fan community / fandom
dinner party / banquet
lunchbox / mess tin
dining table
restaurant / CL:
dining hall / canteen / cafeteria
rice tub (from which cooked rice or other food is served) / (fig.) fathead / a good-for-nothing
dining room / dining hall / mess hall
amount of food one eats / portion size
(lit. and fig.) meal ticket
big restaurant
post cibum (pharm.) / to take (medicine) after a meal
person hired to lure customers to a restaurant
erhua variant of 飯館|饭馆
rice dishes (on menu)
walk a hundred steps after each meal and you will live a long life (proverb)
food coma / postprandial somnolence
lit. to live on dry provisions and wild herbs (idiom) / fig. to live in abject poverty
have a smoke after each meal and you will surpass the immortals (proverb)
rice paddle
rice paddle
(bird species of China) Ijima's leaf warbler (Phylloscopus ijimae)
pet food bowl / dog bowl
body double (in eating scenes)

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