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airplane / CL:
to leap
to circle in the air / to soar
birds and animals / the beasts of the field and the birds of the air
  *飞* | 飞* | *飞
to fly
(of planes etc) to fly / flying / flight / aviation
flying Apsara (Buddhist art)
swift / rapidly
pilot / aviator
to rise / to fly upward
to speed / to rush
Philips (company)
wyvern (type of dragon)
spaceship / spacecraft / dirigible / airship
to flutter / to dance in the breeze
flying saucer / frisbee
to splash / to spatter
to fly across / to fly over / to fly past / (literary) (of one's spirits) to soar
flywheel / sprocket wheel
to fly over / to fly past
to dash (run fast) / to rush / to dart
Flying Snow, a character in "Hero"
to move quickly / to vault / flying tackle
(of time) to pass quickly / to be fleeting
to fly swiftly upward / to soar
a throwing knife / fly cutter (machine tool)
lit. the divine steed Feihuang gallops (idiom) / fig. to achieve meteoric success in one's career
femtosecond, fs, 10^-15 s
darts (game) / dart (weapon shaped like a spearhead)
sudden and unexpected disaster (idiom)
soaring inflation / rocketing prices
bossy and domineering / throwing one's weight about
in-flight meal
to blow a kiss
fast boat
eye floaters (moving spots in the eye's vitreous humor)
to run like the wind / to rush / to gallop
to blush
airborne droplet
to leap onto roofs and vault over walls (usually associated with martial arts)
flying insect / winged insect
administrative enclave / land of one country enclosed within another / a salient
zip line
cat burglar / burglar who gains entrance by scaling walls / intruding enemy airman / air marauder
flight record
Fahrenheit, Taiwan pop group, from 2005
flying locusts
Pegasus (constellation)
to spread malicious gossip
Exocet (missile)
flying fish
very fast / at lightning speed / (coll.) razor-sharp
flying needle and running seam (idiom); skillful needlework
Flying Pigeon (famous bicycle brand, made in Tianjin since 1936)
at the gallop
lit. like a moth flying into the fire (idiom); fig. to choose a path to certain destruction
to fly out
flying squirrel / (dialect) bat
aviation safety (Tw)
talisman in the form of a painting of symbols thought to have magical powers (also called 符籙|符箓) / to invoke the magical power of such a talisman / a tiger tally 虎符 sent with great urgency
ancient weapon with a tip like a grappling hook, thrown at enemy combatants in order to capture them
to levitate heavenwards (a Daoist success) / to take off / to soar (of prices)
to levitate heavenwards (a Daoist success) / to take off / to soar (of prices)
pilot / aviator
lit. as if flying / very fast
to fly about / to fly hither and thither / to flit / to swarm / to spiral
Futurama (US TV animated series, 1999-)
nickname of Han dynasty general Li Guang 李廣|李广
birds and beasts / the beasts of the field and the birds of the air / same as 飛禽走獸|飞禽走兽
airport / (slang) flat chest / CL: 處|处
plane crash
air ticket / CL: 張|张
airplane cabin door
swift feet / fleet-footed runner
droplet infection (disease transmission from sneezing, coughing etc)
to spray in all directions
(slang) to smoke pot
Flying Tigers, US airmen in China during World War Two / Hong Kong nickname for police special duties unit
the moth flies into the flame / fatal attraction
airplane mode (on an electronic device)
flight deck
flight recorder / black box
flight recorder / black box
to drink one's fill (idiom)
parkour (HK)
flying somersault
to spin rapidly / to whirl around / (of time) to fly by
Volans (constellation)

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