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airplane / CL:
to circle in the air / to soar
to leap
birds and animals / the beasts of the field and the birds of the air
  *飛* | 飛* | *飛
to fly
(of planes etc) to fly / flying / flight / aviation
pilot / aviator
to rise / to fly upward
to fly out
darts (game) / dart (weapon shaped like a spearhead)
flying squirrel / (dialect) bat
at the gallop
flywheel / sprocket wheel
flying saucer / frisbee
airport / (slang) flat chest / CL: 處|处
Philips (company)
flying Apsara (Buddhist art)
to move quickly / to vault / flying tackle
to flutter / to dance in the breeze
the moth flies into the flame / fatal attraction
to fly across / to fly over / to fly past / (literary) (of one's spirits) to soar
airplane meal (GM)
Flying Snow, a character in "Hero"
aviation safety (Tw)
Exocet (missile)
flying fish
air ticket / CL: 張|张
wyvern (type of dragon)
very fast / at lightning speed / (coll.) razor-sharp
airship / spaceship
femtosecond, fs, 10^-15 s
aerosol / spray / mist / splattered drops / spray from sneeze or saliva
to levitate heavenwards (a Daoist success) / to take off / to soar (of prices)
(of time) to pass quickly / to be fleeting
to spin rapidly / to whirl around / (of time) to fly by
to fly over / to fly past
a throwing knife / fly cutter (machine tool)
flying speed / rapid (growth)
soaring inflation / rocketing prices
to dash (run fast) / to rush / to dart
to speed / to rush
Fahrenheit, Taiwan pop group, from 2005
to splash / to spatter
cat burglar / burglar who gains entrance by scaling walls / intruding enemy airman / air marauder
Flying Tigers, US airmen in China during World War Two / Hong Kong nickname for police special duties unit
lit. the divine steed Feihuang gallops (idiom) / fig. to achieve meteoric success in one's career
to levitate heavenwards (a Daoist success) / to take off / to soar (of prices)
to fly about / to fly hither and thither / to flit / to swarm / to spiral
nickname of Han dynasty general Li Guang 李廣|李广
flight record
to blow a kiss
flying insect / winged insect
plane crash
pilot / aviator
to run like the wind / to rush / to gallop
bossy and domineering / throwing one's weight about
sudden and unexpected disaster (idiom)
fast boat
to leap onto roofs and vault over walls (usually associated with martial arts)
droplet infection (disease transmission from sneezing, coughing etc)
to blush
lit. as if flying / very fast
zip line
eye floaters (moving spots in the eye's vitreous humor)
Flying Pigeon (famous bicycle brand, made in Tianjin since 1936)
Pegasus (constellation)
Asuka Period in Japanese history (538-710 AD)
parkour (HK)
talisman in the form of a painting of symbols thought to have magical powers (also called 符籙|符箓) / to invoke the magical power of such a talisman / a tiger tally 虎符 sent with great urgency
administrative enclave / land of one country enclosed within another / a salient
flying needle and running seam (idiom); skillful needlework
airplane cabin door
Futurama (US TV animated series, 1999-)
flying locusts
(slang) to smoke pot
Volans (constellation)
lit. like a moth flying into the fire (idiom); fig. to choose a path to certain destruction
flight recorder / black box
flight recorder / black box
"flying fish family", family who sacrifice everything to send their children abroad to study
birds and beasts / the beasts of the field and the birds of the air / same as 飛禽走獸|飞禽走兽
flight deck
to ride out hawking (idiom); to hunt
ancient weapon with a tip like a grappling hook, thrown at enemy combatants in order to capture them
to spray in all directions
flying somersault

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