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hair (on the head)
  *头* | 头* | *头
head / hair style / the top / end / beginning or end / a stub / remnant / chief / boss / side / aspect / first / leading / classifier for pigs or livestock / CL: 個|个
  *头* | 头* | *头
suffix for nouns
portrait / bust
Toutiao, personalized content recommendation app (abbr. for 今日頭條|今日头条)
lead story (on the news)
overhead / above
brains / mind / skull / (fig.) gist (of a matter) / leader / boss
first rate / top rank / number one
to have a headache
top of the head
top news story
head / skull
title / rank / appellation
the first
(newspaper's) front page
first class / prime / main
head ornament
to have a big head / (fig.) to get a headache / one's head is swimming
headache (Chinese medicine)
outline / main threads
ringleader / gang leader / chieftain
the 7th day after a person's death / the first 7-day period after a person's death
(car racing) pole position / (obstetrics) cephalic presentation (i.e. head-first birth)
(dialect) neck
cloth head covering worn by men in ancient times / headscarf (typically worn by women) / kerchief / turban
tablet announcing the name of leading actor in a theatrical production / by extension, the lead role
actor's headgear / wig / head covering
1st class cabin
head / chief
boss / gang leader
dizzy / giddy / one's head spins
first time / first (round, course, coat of paint etc)
hairnet / hood / cowl
a crown / top of the head
the first time / for the first time
head person / leader
initial / first letter of word (in Latin script)
for the first time / on the previous occasion / last time (something occurred)
to have a dizzy spell / dazzled
down payment
first prize
money market
first place / leader (of a race)
string to tie hair
lit. head broken and blood flowing / fig. badly bruised
distention in the head (TCM)
header (computing)
first bouillon, a broth made with ingredients that may later be reboiled to make a second bouillon 二湯|二汤
to faint with blurred vision (idiom); dizzy and eyes dimmed
skull / cranium
wedding veil / gauze headscarf or veil
Toufen town in Miaoli county 苗栗縣|苗栗县, northwest Taiwan
Toutunhe district (Uighur: Tudungxaba Rayoni) of Urumqi city 烏魯木齊市|乌鲁木齐市, Xinjiang
clear and logical
cephalosporin (pharm.) / cephalothin
first of three 10 day periods of hot season
itinerant monk (loanword from Sanskrit)
giddy / one's head spins
Toutunhe district (Uighur: Tudungxaba Rayoni) of Urumqi city 烏魯木齊市|乌鲁木齐市, Xinjiang
cephalosporin (pharm.) / cephalothin
skull / cranium
dizzy and light-headed
top-heavy / fig. unbalance in organization or political structure
head down / upside down
clue / thread (of a story) / mate / first class
to faint with blurred vision (idiom); dizzy and eyes dimmed
to have a splitting headache (idiom)
first prize in a lottery
youngster's talent / brilliance of youth
in front / in advance of the field
first class merit
head and face
head ornament (in former times)
disequilibrium / top-heavy / heaviness in the head (medical condition)
cefradine, cephradine (pharm.)
favus of the scalp (skin disease)
all brawn no brains
(idiom) dazed / dizzy
to treat the symptoms / reactive (rather than proactive)
lucid / clear-headed / sensible
Toucheng Town in Yilan County 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan
to treat the symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem (proverb) / reactive (rather than proactive)
lancelet (Branchiostoma)
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