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  *韦* | 韦* | *韦
surname Wei
  *韦* | 韦* | *韦
soft leather
Wade (name) / Sir Thomas Francis Wade (1818-1895), sinologist 威妥瑪|威妥玛
Webb, Webber or Weber (name)
weber (unit of magnetic flux, Wb)
Waley or Whaley (name) / Arthur Waley (1889-1966), pioneer British sinologist
Wei Yinwu (737-792), Tang dynasty poet
Uesca or Huesca, Spain
François Viète (1540-1603), French mathematician, father of modern algebraic notation
lit. the leather binding (of the bamboo scroll) has broken three times / fig. to study diligently
Vivaldi (name) / Antonio Vivaldi (1675-1741), Italian composer
Alfred Wegener (1880-1930), German meteorologist and geophysicist, the originator of the theory of continental drift / also written 魏格納|魏格纳
Huelva, Spain
Skanda, the general or guardian Bodhisattva
Clarence Martin Wilbur (1908-1997), US Sinologist and Professor of Columbia University
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)
(bird species of China) Whistler's warbler (Seicercus whistleri)
(George) Wehrfritz (Beijing bureau chief of Newsweek)

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