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  *靠* | 靠* | *靠
to lean against or on / to stand by the side of / to come near to / to depend on / to trust / to fuck (vulgar) / traditional military costume drama where the performers wear armor (old)
to draw close to
reliable / reasonable / probable
near / to approach
patron / supporter / close to a mountain
to keep to the side / to pull over / move aside!
(of a boat) to reach the shore / to pull toward shore / close to shore / landfall
reliable / trustworthy
by the window (referring to seats on a plane etc)
(lit.) to cry over one's dad's death (from Taiwanese 哭爸, Tai-lo pr. [khàu-pē]) / (slang) (Tw) to rattle on / to carp / stop whining! / shut the hell up! / fuck! / damn!
(lit.) to cry from hunger (from Taiwanese 哭枵, Tai-lo pr. [khàu-iau]) / (slang) (Tw) to whine / shut the hell up! / fuck! / damn!
lit. the mountain dweller lives off the mountain, the shore dweller lives off the sea (idiom) / fig. to make the best use of local resources / to exploit one's position to advance oneself / to find one's niche / to live off the land
window seat
next to the aisle / aisle (seat on aircraft)
variant of 靠腰
see 靠北
on the aisle (referring to seats on a plane etc)
high-back chair

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