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  *露* | 露* | *露
surname Lu
  *露* | 露* | *露
to show / to reveal / to betray / to expose
  *露* | 露* | *露
dew / syrup / nectar / outdoors (not under cover) / to show / to reveal / to betray / to expose
to camp out / camping
dew point / (coll.) (of a woman) to expose one of the three areas (nipples and genitals)
dew / fig. short-lasting / ephemeral
outdoors / al fresco / in the open
to expose / to show / also pr. [lou4 chu1]
to show one's face / to appear (in public)
balcony / patio / flat roof / terrace / deck (unroofed platform) / outdoor stage / ancient imperial celestial observation terrace
to show one's face / to make one's good name / to become successful and well known / to shine
Revlon (American brand of cosmetics)
to leak / to expose (sb's secret) / to spill the beans / to let the cat out of the bag
to expose / to reveal
to show one's head / to give a sign to show one's presence
halterneck / backless (garment)
to let out a secret
to sleep outdoors / to spend the night in the open
to grin / also pr. [lou4 chi3]
to show off one's abilities / to exhibit one's skills
blatant / unsubtle / frank / (of sex, violence etc) explicit
to show one's true colors
erhua variant of 露餡|露馅
to reveal one's valuables inadvertently / to betray one's silver (money) when traveling
to reveal the cloven foot (idiom); to unmask one's true nature / to give the game away
to reveal the cloven foot (idiom); to unmask one's true nature / to give the game away
to display one's ignorance / to make a fool of oneself by an ignorant blunder
to divulge a secret / to leak
Lucy (from the Narnia chronicles)
indecent exposure / flashing
to show one's wealth / to let one's wealth show
to grin
to make a fool of oneself
casual romance / short-lived relationship
a couple in a short-lived, improper relationship
exposed / uncovered / naked
open-air repository / open-air depot
open-air amphitheater
(young sprouts) come out / same as 出苗

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