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  *震* | 震* | *震
to shake / to vibrate / to jolt / to quake / excited / shocked / one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing thunder /
to shake / to shock / to stun / shocking / stunning / shock
to shake / to vibrate / to strongly affect / shock / vibration
to shock / to astonish
to shake up / to jolt / to vibrate / to oscillate / to fluctuate
to vibrate / to shake / to shudder
to awe / to intimidate
to tremble / to quiver
earthquake epicenter
ancient Indian name for China
epicenter (of earthquake) / hypocenter
to be furious
force of seismic wave
love egg (sex toy)
shaking the old and illuminating the new (idiom); surpassing the ancients and dazzling contemporaries / glorious and world-shattering
ear-splitting (idiom); deafening
degree of earthquake (on magnitude scale)
to shock the whole world
earthquake damage
to astonish / to horrify
to shake heaven and earth (idiom)
palsy / trembling paralysis / used for Parkinson's disease 帕金森病
focal mechanism of earthquake
trembling sound / vibration
trembling / to shiver with fear
to knock out (of a jolt from an earthquake or crash)
shocking / stunning / sensational
an earth-shaking noise (idiom)
to terrify
(bird species of China) reed parrotbill (Paradoxornis heudei)
tremors (from an earthquake)
tremorine (drug inducing shivering)
seismic wave
earthquake area
circumstances of an earthquake
earthquake epicenter (Tw)
(literary) to tremble with fear / to shock
to deafen
perception of tremor
Sinian (c. 800-542 million years ago), late phase of pre-Cambrian geological era
stun grenade

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