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  *零* | 零* | *零
zero / nought / zero sign / fractional / fragmentary / odd (of numbers) / (placed between two numbers to indicate a smaller quantity followed by a larger one) / fraction / (in mathematics) remainder (after division) / extra / to wither and fall / to wither
change (of money) / small change / pocket money
part / component
between-meal nibbles / snacks
fragmentary / random / bits and pieces / sporadic
to retail / to sell individually or in small quantities
spare part / component
from scratch / from basics
zero distance / face-to-face
shop / retail store
midnight / to order à la carte / (math.) zero of a function
midnight / zero hour
retailer / shopkeeper / retail merchant
small change
zero degree
pocket money / allowance
zero tolerance
Lingling district of Yongzhou city 永州市, Hunan
less-than-truck-load freight (LTL) (transportation)
scattered and fragmentary / scraps / odds and ends
below zero
withered and fallen / scattered / sporadic
Lingling district of Yongzhou city 永州市, Hunan
incidental expenses / sundries / pocket money
from zero / from scratch / beginners' (course) / for beginners
pocket money / allowance / spending money
(slang) bottom (in a homosexual relationship)
temporary job / odd job
odd / scrap / remainder
zero-sum (game, in economics etc)
in disorder / a complete mess
zero-sum game (economics)
variant of 伶仃
zero-day vulnerability (computing)
(coll.) snack food
nibbles / snacks between meals
zero point five, 0.5 / one half
zero defect / faultless / impeccable
zero waste
spare part / component
the part of a number which is discarded when rounding down
lit. zero group / another word for the inert or noble gases 惰性氣體|惰性气体
bit and pieces / small odds and ends
odd / piecemeal / fragmentary
to buy detail / to buy one at a time
Hilbert's zeros theorem (math.) / Nullstellensatz
zero-point energy (quantum mechanical vacuum effect)
to do things in bits and pieces (idiom); piecemeal work
(Chinese linguistics) zero initial (the initial of a syllable that does not begin with a consonant)
zero wait state (computing)
zero-day (attack, vulnerability etc) (computing)
petty cash
to do things in bits and pieces (idiom); piecemeal work
Charter 08, PRC pro-democracy petition of December 2008
erhua variant of 零雜|零杂
zero power reactor
zero curvature / flat

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