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  *雪* | 雪* | *雪
snow / CL: 場|场 / (literary) to wipe away (a humiliation etc)
(idiom) to make matters even worse / to add insult to injury
Citroën (French car manufacturer)
  *雪* | 雪* | *雪
surname Xue
Sydney, capital of New South Wales, Australia (Tw)
snow pear (pyrus nivalis)
snow white
frozen treat
snowman / yeti
cedar tree / cedarwood
snowy peak
cigar (loanword)
snow lotus herb / Saussurea involucrata
snow-capped mountain
sled / sledge / sleigh / bobsled
lit. to send charcoal in snowy weather (idiom) / fig. to provide help in sb's hour of need
snow leopard
lit. bright as snow / shiny / dazzling / sharp (of eyes)
to keep sth in cold storage / (fig.) to suspend a performer or sports player (as punishment) / to keep sb or sth out of sight until the right moment (e.g. a key player on a sports team)
snow line
to take revenge for a past insult / to expunge a disgrace or humiliation
(bird species of China) snow goose (Anser caerulescens)
Selangor (Malaysia)
snow fight / snowball fight
(bird species of China) snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus)
Syracuse, New York
potherb mustard / Brassica juncea var. crispifolia
icebox / refrigerator (Hong Kong usage)
Chevron (oil company)
snowshoes / CL: 雙|双
Lhasa Shoton festival or yogurt banquet, from first of July of Tibetan calendar
Lhasa Shoton festival or yogurt banquet, from first of July of Tibetan calendar
potherb mustard / Brassica juncea var. crispifolia
vanishing cream / cold cream (makeup)
dirty snow / slush / abbr. for 雪泥鴻爪|雪泥鸿爪
blizzard / snowstorm
lilac (color)
(milk)shake (loanword)
snow fungus (Tremella fuciformis) / white fungus
snowboard / to snowboard
Chevron Corporation
Sheffield (City in England)
snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio)
sorbet (loanword)
Chevrolet, US car make
(bird species of China) snow partridge (Lerwa lerwa)
sherbet / sorbet
ice lolly / popsicle
a goose's footprint in the snow / vestiges of the past (idiom) / the fleeting nature of human life (idiom)
cigarette lighter plug (inserted in a car's cigarette lighter socket to draw power)
Meili Snow Mountains in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 迪慶藏族自治州|迪庆藏族自治州, Yunnan / also written 梅里雪山
Chevron Corporation
Sprite (soft drink)
ugg boots
Seoraksan, mountain near Sokcho, South Korea
chiffon (loanword)
sherry (loanword)
Snow lion, mythological animal, a banned symbol of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism
Snow lion banner, banned flag of Tibetan independence movement, featuring mythological Snow Leopard
(Cantonese-influenced Mandarin) (coll.) traffic cone
(bird species of China) snow pigeon (Columba leuconota)
(bird species of China) snow bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis)

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