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robust / strong and solid
grand / imposing / magnificent / majestic
  *雄* | 雄* | *雄
male / staminate / grand / imposing / powerful / mighty / person or state having great power and influence
Milwaukee Bucks (NBA team)
buck / stag
male lion
Xiong'an New Area, a state-level new area in the Baoding area of Hebei, established in 2017
male eagle / tercel (male falcon used in falconry)
Xiong'an New Area, a state-level new area in the Baoding area of Hebei, established in 2017
Xiong county in Baoding 保定, Hebei
great ambition / lofty aspiration
vigor / virility / dynamism / (literary) powerful wind
stamen (male part of flower)
majestic / awesome / full of power and grandeur
to be perched high / to be located prominently / to be preeminent
fierce and ambitious character / formidable person
male hormone / testosterone
realgar / red orpiment
vigorous / firm / forceful
vigorous / robust / powerful
(cry of encouragement) / to arise / to stand up / to gain the ascendancy / Come on!
male hormone / testosterone
eloquent / oratory / rhetoric
great skill and strategy
aggressive and grand (idiom); ambitious / pushy
male of a species
realgar wine (traditionally drunk during the Dragon Boat Festival 端午節|端午节)
valiantly / gallantly
male horse / stallion
male animal
grandiose plan / great ambition
drone (bee)
male gamete / sperm cell
F-14 Tomcat
male cat, usually 公貓|公猫
male hormone / testosterone

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