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secrets / private business / privacy
privacy policy
to hide / to conceal / to mask / to shelter / to harbor (i.e. keep sth hidden) / to hide oneself / to lie low / to nestle / hidden / implicit / private / covert / recessed (lighting)
privacy right
  *隐* | 隐* | *隐
secret / hidden / concealed / (prefix) crypto-
  *隐* | 隐* | *隐
to lean upon
a danger concealed within sth / hidden damage / misfortune not visible from the surface
to hide oneself / invisible (person or online status)
to conceal / to hide (a taboo subject) / to cover up the truth
to conceal / to hide / covert / under cover
faint / indistinct
secret / hidden
to contain in a concealed form / to keep covered up / implicit
contact lens / CL: 隻|只,
hidden / crypto- / recessive (gene)
to live in seclusion
to bear patiently / to endure silently / to forbear
to cover up / to hide / to conceal
vague / faint / indistinct
secret concern / private worry
sth one wishes to keep secret / ulterior motive / a subject best avoided
faint / distant / barely audible
to disappear / to hide
to retire (from society, esp. from politics) / to vanish
to conceal one's identity / living incognito
vague / ambiguous / veiled / obscure
hidden anguish / secret suffering / (medicine) dull pain
occult blood (in medicine, fecal blood from internal bleeding)
glimpse (of something hidden)
implicit function
to cover up (a matter that should be reported to the authorities)
to ache dully
to live in seclusion / reclusive / hermit / recluse
recessive gene
cryptorchidism / undescended testis
to vanish gradually / to disappear / to fade out
a secret
protective coloration (esp. of insects) / camouflage
an unmentionable illness (e.g. venereal disease)
secret language / codeword
not to tell others of one's illness
secret / hidden
legendary land of hermits / secret land / the back of beyond
to hide / to lie low
a feint / a hidden way of doing sth
to keep one's emotions inside oneself / to restrain one's emotions
to hide (from the world)
not to report sth / to keep sth secret
to fade away / to vanish / to disappear
appearing and disappearing / dimly visible / intermittent / implicit (but not clearly present)
implied meaning
to hold back from saying precisely what is on one's mind
rove beetle
hidden tracks
(to fire) innuendo / to insinuate
shelter / hiding place
monastery (Christian) / abbey
a secret / sth best not told to anyone / confidential information
Cryptogamae / cryptogamous plant (botany) / plants such as algae 藻類|藻类, moss 苔蘚|苔藓 and fern 蕨類|蕨类 that reproduce by spores 孢子 in place of flowers
to keep one's emotions inside oneself / to restrain one's emotions
hidden pond or pool
faint / distant / indistinct
to hide / to conceal and avoid (contact) / to keep sth concealed
to praise the virtue of sb or sth while concealing their faults
to set off one another
to conceal one's identity / living incognito
cryptic epitope (immunology, a protein component that becomes effective when activated by antigen)
recluse / hermit / used for homophone 癮君子|瘾君子, opium addict
a cover-up
legendary grass conferring invisibility / fig. to conceal oneself or one's plans
intermittent target
burning with no flame / fire beneath the surface / hidden combustion
to live in seclusion
equivocal speech / to use vague or ambiguous language
Cryptozoic / geological eon before the appearance of abundant fossils / hidden life, as opposed to Phanerozoic
Mary River turtle (Elusor macrurus)
too embarrassing to mention
to live incognito
cross symbol (×), used to replace a character one does not wish to display
a skull with sunken cheek bone / cryptozygous
drive-by download (a form of malware booby-trap) / silent drive-by download
erhua variant of 隱身草|隐身草
monk (Christian)

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