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  *陈* | 陈* | *陈
surname Chen / vassal state during the Spring and Autumn Period 770-475 BC / Chen of the Southern dynasties (557-589)
  *陈* | 陈* | *陈
to lay out / to exhibit / to display / to narrate / to state / to explain / to tell / old / stale
Edison Chen (1980-), Hong Kong singer and actor
to give a full account
old / stored for many years
to display / to set out / furnishings
to display / to exhibit
an assertion / to declare / to state
orange peel / tangerine peel / dried orange peel used in Chinese medicine
mature vinegar
ancient name of Baoji City 寶雞市|宝鸡市, Shaanxi / Chencang district of Baoji City
Chen Yun (1905-1995), communist leader and economist
declarative sentence
Chencang District of Baoji City 寶雞市|宝鸡市, Shaanxi
Chen Shui-Bian (1950-), Taiwanese DPP 民進黨|民进党 politician, president of the Republic of China 2000-2008
Vanessa-Mae (1978-), Singaporean-born British violinist and skier
Western Jin dynasty 西晋 historian, author of History of the Three Kingdoms 三國志|三国志
Chen Duxiu (1879-1942), Chinese Marxist and leading communist, blamed for the failures of Chinese communism from 1927, posthumously rehabilitated
Chen Kaige (1952-), Chinese movie director
display room
Old Barag banner in Hulunbuir 呼倫貝爾|呼伦贝尔, Inner Mongolia
Chen Yi (1901-1972), communist general and politician, Marshal of PLA from 1955, Mayor of Shanghai in 1950s, PRC foreign minister 1958-1972
to age / to mature (wine, timber etc)
Chen Jingrun (1933-1996) Chinese number theorist
to state one's views / speech / statement / plea
History of Chen of the Southern Dynasties, ninth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled by Yao Silian 姚思廉 in 636 during Tang dynasty, 36 scrolls
to deploy troops / to mass troops
to present a memorial (to the Emperor)
Chen Yuanguang (657-711), Tang dynasty general with posthumous title 開漳聖王|开漳圣王, i.e. Sacred King, founder of Zhangzhou 漳州, Fujian
Chen Zi'ang (c. 661-702), Tang dynasty poet
old wine
trite / clichéd / empty and trite / banality / platitude
Benny Chan (Hong Kong film director)
to lay out the corpse
Shiing-Shen Chern (1911-2004), Chinese-American mathematician
representation letter (law) / a brief / written statement / declaration
Lu Chen (1976-), PRC figure skater, 1995 world champion
old Shaoxing wine
to display
Joan Chen (1961-), Chinese born American actress
(Claire) Chennault, commander of Flying Tigers during World War II
to state / to assert
to state / to assert
Chen Jiao, first wife of emperor 漢武帝|汉武帝, died c. 110 BC
past events / relics from a former age / ruins
Chen Boda (1904-1989), communist party theorist, interpreter of Maoism
outmoded conventions / old-fashioned ways
old debt
Chen Jiongming (1878-1933), a leading warlord of Guangdong faction, defeated in 1925 and fled to Hong Kong
Xu Zhonglin or Xu Zhonglin 許仲琳|许仲琳 (c. 1567-c. 1620), Ming novelist, to whom the fantasy novel Investure of the Gods 封神演義|封神演义 is attributed, together with Lu Xixing 陸西星|陆西星
Chen Tuan (871-989), a legendary Daoist sage
Chen Tianhua (1875-1905), anti-Qing revolutionary from Hunan, drowned himself in Japan in 1905
Chen Chen (1613-1670), novelist and poet at the Ming-Qing transition, author of Water Margin sequel 水滸後傳|水浒后传
outmoded conventions / old-fashioned ways
the military revolt of 960 that led Zhao Kuangyin 趙匡胤|赵匡胤 to found the Song dynasty
Chen Yunlin (1941-), chairman of PRC Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) 海峽兩岸關係協會|海峡两岸关系协会 (2008-2013)
shop-worn goods / remnants
cliché / commonplace / truism / stereotype
Chen Gongyin (1631-1700), early Qing dynasty poet
Chen Xiangmei (1925-2018), a.k.a. Anna Chennault, born in Beijing, US Republican Party politician, wife of Claire Lee Chennault 陳納德|陈纳德
to follow a set routine
Chen Xitong (1930-), mayor of Beijing at the time of 4th Jun 1989 Tiananmen incident
Peter Chen Ho (1931-1970), Chinese actor
Tran Duc Luong (1937-), former president of Vietnam
lit. stale grain, overcooked sesame (idiom); fig. the same boring old gossip
Anson Chan (1940-), chief secretary for administration, Hong Kong (1997-2001)
Chen Renxi (1581-1636), late Ming scholar and prolific author
Chen Zaidao (1909-1993), general in the People's Liberation Army
set pattern / old habit
old rules and customs
old rice / rice kept for many years
Eason Chan (1974-), Hong Kong pop singer and actor
Chen Kexiong (1950-), novelist

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