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in turn / successively / one after the other / bit by bit
dry land (as opposed to the sea)
  *陆* | 陆* | *陆
surname Lu
  *陆* | 陆* | *陆
six (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
  *陆* | 陆* | *陆
shore / land / continent
army / ground forces
Lu You (1125-1210), widely regarded as the greatest of the Southern Song poets
land-based / on land
in succession / one after another / continuously
land transport
land route / overland route
Luchuan county in Yulin 玉林, Guangxi
Lufeng, county-level city in Shanwei, Guangdong 汕尾
Luliang county in Qujing 曲靖, Yunnan
terrestrial (animal, species)
Luchuan county in Yulin 玉林, Guangxi
mainland China and Hong Kong
Lu Yu (733-804), Chinese writer from Tang dynasty, known for his obsession with tea
Luhe county in Shanwei 汕尾, Guangdong
Lufeng, county-level city in Shanwei 汕尾, Guangdong
Luliang county in Qujing 曲靖, Yunnan
Luhe county in Shanwei 汕尾, Guangdong
Lu Ji (261-303), Chinese writer and literary critic
Mainland Affairs Council (Taiwan), abbr. for 大陸委員會|大陆委员会
Kevin Rudd (1957-), Australian politician, proficient in Mandarin, prime minister 2007-2010 and 2013
terrestrial / living on land
army, navy, air force
land snail
podocarp tree (Dacrydium pierrei)
Lu Rongting (1858-1928), provincial governor of Guangxi under the Qing, subsequently leader of old Guangxi warlord faction
continental shelf
tensions between mainland China and Hong Kong (since 1997)
Lu Tanwei (active c. 450-490), one of the Four Great Painters of the Six Dynasties 六朝四大家
continental slope (boundary of continental shelf)
land-based missile
Lu Xixing (1520-c. 1601), Ming Daoist author, to whom the fantasy novel Investiture of the Gods 封神演義|封神演义 is attributed, together with Xu Zhonglin 許仲琳|许仲琳
Lu Zhengxiang (1871-1949), Chinese diplomat and Catholic monk
laborer from mainland China (Tw)
(Tw) (neologism c. 2008) mainland Chinese tourist
army, navy and air force

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