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  *闻* | 闻* | *闻
to hear / news / well-known / famous / reputation / fame / to smell / to sniff at
  *闻* | 闻* | *闻
surname Wen
well-known / famous / renowned / eminent
to smell / to sniff sth out / to perceive by smelling
to have heard what was said
Wenxi county in Yuncheng 運城|运城, Shanxi
Wenxi county in Yuncheng 運城|运城, Shanxi
famous person
hear the wind and lose gall (idiom); terror-stricken at the news
Wen Yiduo (1899-1946), poet and patriotic fighter, executed by Guomindang in Kunming
to be famous far and wide (idiom)
to receive news (of)
unheard of / an extremely rare and unprecedented event
to start practicing at the first crow of the cock (idiom) / to be diligent in one's studies
to smell / to hear / knowledge / information
illustrious and influential / well-known
lit. to hear one and know ten (idiom); fig. explain one thing and (he) understands everything / a word to the wise
to respond instantly / to act at once on hearing the news
to identify by smell / to detect a scent / to sniff out
to smell of sth / to smell like sth
(TCM) auscultation and smelling, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊
to accept criticism gladly (humble expr.) / to be happy when one's errors are pointed out
knowing sb by their reputation can't compare to meeting them in person (idiom)
to hear (about sth)
to flee at hearing the news (idiom)

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