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  *闻* | 闻* | *闻
surname Wen
  *闻* | 闻* | *闻
to hear / news / well-known / famous / reputation / fame / to smell / to sniff at
well-known / famous / renowned / eminent
to smell / to sniff sth out / to perceive by smelling
to have heard what was said
Wenxi county in Yuncheng 運城|运城, Shanxi
to receive news (of)
hear the wind and lose gall (idiom); terror-stricken at the news
Wenxi county in Yuncheng 運城|运城, Shanxi
to be famous far and wide (idiom)
famous person
unheard of / an extremely rare and unprecedented event
Wen Yiduo (1899-1946), poet and patriotic fighter, executed by Guomindang in Kunming
to start practicing at the first crow of the cock (idiom) / to be diligent in one's studies
to smell of sth / to smell like sth
lit. to hear one and know ten (idiom); fig. explain one thing and (he) understands everything / a word to the wise
to smell / to hear / knowledge / information
illustrious and influential / well-known
to identify by smell / to detect a scent / to sniff out
to respond instantly / to act at once on hearing the news
(TCM) auscultation and smelling, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊
knowing sb by their reputation can't compare to meeting them in person (idiom)
to accept criticism gladly (humble expr.) / to be happy when one's errors are pointed out
to hear (about sth)
to flee at hearing the news (idiom)

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