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  *闹* | 闹* | *闹
variant of 鬧|闹
  *闹* | 闹* | *闹
noisy / cacophonous / to make noise / to disturb / to vent (feelings) / to fall ill / to have an attack (of sickness) / to go in (for some activity) / to joke
alarm clock
to be vexed or annoyed / to feel queasy
alarm (clock)
downtown area / city center
to be at loggerheads / to have a falling out
to cause trouble / to create a disturbance
to make a fool of oneself
disturbing the privacy of bridal room (Chinese custom where guests banter with and play pranks on the newlyweds)
to disturb / to create confusion / to make a din
to have a falling out / to have a big argument
to be difficult with sb / to provoke disagreement / at loggerheads / to fall out with
to play games / to joke around / to play a joke on sb
gongs and drums overture to a Chinese opera / to create a disturbance
to be in a bad mood
to create a big disturbance
(coll.) to have diarrhea
(Internet slang) transcription of "not at all" – English words in a song promoting the 2008 Beijing Olympics sung by Huang Xiaoming 黃曉明|黄晓明, who became a laughing stock in China because his pronunciation was perceived as embarrassingly bad / to be a laughing stock / to make a fool of oneself (i.e. equivalent to 鬧笑話|闹笑话)
(dialect) bustling / lively
to get angry
clamorous / noisy / sensational / very exciting
(dialect) bustling / lively
alarm clock
(coll.) to be burglarized
to create an uproar
to cause trouble

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