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question / problem / issue / topic / CL: 個|个
  *问* | 问* | *问
to ask
question and answer
to ask the way / to ask
questionnaire / CL:
to give one's respects / to send a greeting / (fig.) (coll.) to make offensive reference to (somebody dear to the person to whom one is speaking)
to be published / to come out
question mark (punct.) / unknown factor / unsolved problem / interrogation
to hold accountable / to blame / to censure / to apportion blame
to say hello to / to send one's regards to
(TCM) interrogation, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊
to ask for directions / to ask the way (to some place)
to aspire to the throne / to aim at (the first place etc)
questioning (a suspect) / interrogation
lit. look into one's heart, no shame (idiom); with a clear conscience
to make inquiries / to show interest
interrogation / greeting
to pay one's respects / to give regards to
lit. asking guests whether or not to butcher a chicken for them (idiom) / fig. hypocritical show of affection (or hospitality)
to ask for information / to inquire
to enquire, according to custom, after the name and horoscope of intended bride / one of a set of six traditional marriage protocols (六禮|六礼), in which name as well as date and time of birth (for horoscope) are formally requested of the prospective bride's family
to denounce / to condemn / to call to account / to punish
to stump sb with a question
to hit the market
to plan to seize power of the whole country (idiom)
to stump / to baffle
field horsetail (Equisetum arvense)
to have a guilty conscience
lit. to ask a blind man the way (idiom) / fig. to seek advice from an incompetent
punitive force / a person setting out to deliver severe reproach
lit. to inquire whether the tripods are light or heavy (idiom); a laughable attempt to seize power

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