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  *闭* | 闭* | *闭
to close / to stop up / to shut / to obstruct
the curtain falls / lower the curtain / to come to an end (of a meeting)
to close by coming together (like the lips of a wound, the doors of an elevator, the walls of a channel) / to close by connecting in a loop (like a circuit) / closed-loop
to close / to shut up
closing ceremony
Shut up! / same as 閉上嘴巴|闭上嘴巴
closed interval (in calculus)
to lock
to stop up / to close up / hard to get to / out of the way / inaccessible / unenlightened / blocking
to close a door
closure (math.)
to close the passes / to seal off the country / seclusion (monastic practice, e.g. of Chan Buddhists)
closed-circuit television
closed-book examination
close a meeting
to shut
lit. to build a cart behind closed doors / to be overly subjective and disregard the outside world (idiom)
to close the passes and seal off the country / to close a country to exclude foreign contact
lit. hiding the moon, shaming the flowers (idiom) / fig. female beauty exceeding even that of the natural world
closed syllable
closed set (math.)
to relax with one's eyes closed
to keep silent (idiom)
Shut up!
to refuse to say anything about (idiom) / to remain tight-lipped / to avoid mentioning
close the country to international intercourse
closed domain / algebraically closed field (math.), e.g. complex number field 複數域|复数域
shut oneself up and ponder over one's mistakes
to shut one's eyes and stop one's ears / out of touch with reality / to bury one's head in the sand
closed-door policy
adductor muscle (of a bivalve mollusk)
lit. to catch sparrows blindfolded (idiom) / fig. to act blindly
lit. lock the door and search for the right word (idiom); fig. the serious hard work of writing
closed subset (math.)
lock-up period (on stock options)
close vowel
to close doors and block openings (idiom); mounting a strict defense
closed graph theorem (math.)

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