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  *长* | 长* | *长
length / long / forever / always / constantly
  *长* | 长* | *长
chief / head / elder / to grow / to develop / to increase / to enhance
long distance
one's elders / older generation
long term / long time / long range (of a forecast)
Changchun subprovincial city and capital of Jilin province 吉林省 in northeast China
the Great Wall
Changsha prefecture-level city and capital of Hunan province in south central China
Chang'an (ancient name of Xi'an 西安) capital of China during Tang Dynasty 唐朝 / now 長安區|长安区, a district of Xi'an
Yangtze River, or Chang Jiang
Changzhi prefecture-level city in Shanxi 山西 / Changchih township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
to grow up
Changxing county in Huzhou 湖州, Zhejiang
appearance / looks / profile / countenance
(for a) long time
Changning County in Yibin 宜賓|宜宾, Sichuan / Changning District in Shanghai
to look (pretty, the same etc)
lengthy (report or speech)
long sleeves / long-sleeved shirt
long hair
Long March (retreat of the Red Army 1934-1935)
expedition / long journey
Changshou suburban district of Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
longevity / ability to live long / long lived
cheong sam (long skirt)
to be effective over an extended period
long life
Changge, county-level city in Shangqiu 商丘, Henan
Changhai county in Dalian 大連|大连, Liaoning
Changhong (brand)
Changbai Korean autonomous county in Baishan 白山, Jilin
long-term / long-range
Chang'an District of Xi’an 西安市, Shaanxi / Chang'an District of Shijiazhuang City 石家莊市|石家庄市, Hebei
long vacation
Yangtze River Delta (abbr. for 長江三角洲|长江三角洲)
elder / term of respect for a Buddhist monk
Changle, county-level city in Fuzhou 福州, Fujian / Princess Changle of Western Wei of the Northern dynasties 西魏, given in marriage c. 545 to Bumin Khan 土門|土门
long-distance coach
Changning district, central Shanghai
to extend as long as / to lengthen out to
length / duration / accident / right and wrong / good and bad / long and short
promenade / long hallway / Long Corridor in the Summer Palace, Beijing 北京頤和園|北京颐和园
to sprout (leaves, buds, a beard etc)
to grow up
Changbai or Baekdu mountains 白頭山|白头山, volcanic mountain range between Jilin province and North Korea, prominent in Manchu and Korean mythology
Changzhi prefecture-level city in Shanxi 山西
long term
long dark night / fig. long period of misery and oppression
Changdao county in Yantai 煙台|烟台, Shandong
(Western) concert flute
long sigh / deep sigh
remarkable (progress, improvement, expansion etc)
(derog.) the Longhairs (Taiping rebels of the 19th century)
long-wool (sheep etc) / long-haired (dog etc)
to grow hair / to become mildewed
Changling County in Songyuan 松原, Jilin
Changfeng county in Hefei 合肥, Anhui
long queue / long line (of cars, people etc)
giraffe / CL: 隻|只
senior official / senior officer / commanding officer / CL: / sir (term of address for senior officer)
pike / CL:
chang pao (traditional Chinese men's robe) / gown / robe / CL:
long-distance running
good aspects / strong points
to grow all over
(literary) the vast sky / (finance) eventual downturn / poor prospects in the long term
two-character surname Zhangsun
eldest grandson / the eldest son of one's eldest son
how well a crop (or plant) is growing / growth
Changjiang or Yangtze river basin
to last for a long time; to endure / to exist forever
Changquan - Northern Shaolin (北少林) - Longfist - Martial Art
all the year round
Nagasaki, Japan
Classical Chinese name for planet Venus in the west after dusk
to be adept in / to excel at
Changqing district of Jinan city 濟南市|济南市, Shandong
to gain knowledge and experience
pike / lance / CL: ,
Changfeng county in Hefei 合肥, Anhui
Three Gorges or Yangtze Gorges, namely: Qutang Gorge 瞿塘峽|瞿塘峡, Wuxia Gorge 巫峽|巫峡 and Xiling Gorge 西陵峽|西陵峡
Changting, county-level city in Longyan 龍岩|龙岩, Fujian
long-term peace and stability (of governments)
Evergreen (Group), Taiwan-based shipping and transportation conglomerate
Changyuan county in Xinxiang 新鄉|新乡, Henan
Changshun county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州, Guizhou
stone beam / horizontal slab of stone / feldspar or felspar (geology)
to make progress / progress
long gown / cheongsam / traditional Asian dress for men or (in Hong Kong) women's qipao
Changtai county in Zhangzhou 漳州, Fujian
Changshun county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州, Guizhou
(old) high-class prostitute
long-distance bus / coach

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