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  *量* | 量* | *量
to measure
  *量* | 量* | *量
capacity / quantity / amount / to estimate / abbr. for 量詞|量词, classifier (in Chinese grammar) / measure word
to assess punishment / to determine the sentence (on a criminal)
to quantize / quantization / quantitative
graduated measuring cylinder / volumetric cylinder
to mass-produce
measuring vessel / measuring apparatus
measuring device
range (of scales or measuring equipment)
to assess one's capabilities and act accordingly (idiom); to act within one's competence / One does what one can.
classifier (in Chinese grammar) / measure word
measuring cup / graduated measuring cylinder
quantitative change
to measure / measurement
lit. measure the body then tailor the suit (idiom); fig. to act according to actual circumstances / To live within one's means.
measuring flask / graduated measuring cylinder
dimension (unit)
gauge that is held against an object to judge thickness, diameter etc, such as a feeler gauge, calipers etc / (abbr. for 評價量規|评价量规) rubric (i.e. a guide listing specific criteria for grading)
to estimate one's strength
to assess sb's capabilities and employ him accordingly (idiom); to employ sb competent for the task
quantum mechanics
to assess one's income and spend accordingly (idiom); to live within one's means / You can only spend what you earn.
to weigh one's abilities and act accordingly / to act according to one's means / to cut one's coat according to one's cloth
quantitative easing (finance)
quantified logic
quantization (physics)
quantum field theory
quantum foam (in string theory, and science fiction)
quantum entanglement (physics)
quantum chromodynamics (particle physics)
quantum theory (physics)
(physics) quantum well
quantum electrodynamics QED
to take sb's measurements
dipstick / oil measuring rod
to measure / measurement
to estimate how much food is required for a meal
gauge / meter / scale
protractor / angle gauge
wholesale store / hypermarket
at wholesale price
to take sb's measurements / to measure sb up
to tailor-make / tailor-made / tailored to / customized
to take sb's temperature
to weigh (body weight)

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