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doctor / CL: 個|个, ,
hospital / CL: , ,
medical treatment
medical insurance
medical care and medicines / medicine (drug) / medical / pharmaceutical
medicine / medical science / study of medicine
medical equipment
  *医* | 医* | *医
medical / medicine / doctor / to cure / to treat
medical insurance / abbr. for 醫療保險|医疗保险
health care
medical affairs
doctors and nurses / medic / medical (personnel)
medical school
medicine (as a science) / medical science
university of medicine
aesthetic medicine (Tw)
medical personnel
medical personnel / doctors and nurses
medical laboratory technology
reform of the medical system
health care
prescription (medicine) / doctor's advice
medical expertise / art of healing
to treat (an illness) / medical treatment
medical expenses
medical ethics
Hur Jun (TV series)
art of healing / medical skill
infirmary / sick bay / CL: 個|个
medical expert / medical specialist
healer / physician / medical man / doctor (esp. of TCM)
medical science
medical school
(neologism c. 2013) organized disruption of healthcare facilities or verbal and physical abuse of medical staff, by an aggrieved patient or proxies such as family members or hired thugs, typically aimed at obtaining compensation
abbr. for 醫科大學|医科大学, university of medicine
medical book
doctor of medicine
case history (TCM) / case record
medical center
medical school
medical technologist
hospital scalper / sb who for a profit entices others to obtain medical care
medical scientist
chemist / druggist / pharmacy
clinic / CL:
patient confidentiality (medicine)
medical expertise
separating medical consultation from dispensing drugs, proposed policy to counteract perceived PRC problem of "drugs serving to nourish doctors" 以藥養醫|以药养医
medicine and divination
medical knowledge / principles of medical science
doctors like to treat those who are not sick so that they can get credit for the patient's "recovery" (idiom)
medical negligence / medical malpractice
official in charge of medical affairs / respectful title for a doctor

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