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  *郭* | 郭* | *郭
surname Guo
  *郭* | 郭* | *郭
outer city wall
Guo Moruo (1892-1978), writer, communist party intellectual and cultural apparatchik
Guo Jingming (1983-), Chinese young-adult fiction writer and teen pop idol
Guo "Terry" Taiming (1950-), prominent Taiwanese businessman, founder of Foxconn
Guo Jingjing (1981-), Chinese female diver and Olympic gold medalist
Guo Yonghuai (1909-1968), Chinese aviation pioneer
Guo Quan, formerly Professor of Nanjing Normal University, sacked after founding New People's Party of China 中國新民黨|中国新民党
Guo Maoqian (11th century), Song dynasty editor of the Collection of Yuefu Songs and Ballads 樂府詩集|乐府诗集
Guo Xiaochuan (1919-1976), PRC communist poet, hero in the war with Japan, died after long persecution during Cultural Revolution
Lazzaro Cattaneo (1560-1640), Italian Jesuit missionary in China
outer city wall
Guo Songdao or Kuo Sun-tao (1818-1891), China's first imperial commissioner (ambassador) to UK and France

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